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National Crises, Too Many Women in the Workforce

January 1, 2013 

During WWII  Myers and Briggs a mother daughter team of physiologists,  extrapolated and organized the work that Carl Gustav Jung had done on personality typology, in his book published in his 1921 book Psychological Types, to place the large number of women coming into the workforce in the positions which they would be most comfortable and effective.  Considering that they out produced our combatants stands as proof of their effectiveness.  But, have we overdone it?  There is a feeling that now we have too many women in the workforce, and likely not in positions that they will be most effective, and this is effecting our ability to compete economically with our competitors  who would like to see our economy fail and they could move into a new home in a warmer climate, so to speak. 


Thoughts on Too Many Women in the Work Force:


  1. The Housing Foreclosure Crises. When I bought my first house back in the early 1970’s, the state law was that only one income could be used to qualify for a home loan.  As housing does, housing costs pushed the supply and demand curve to the limits. Women were coming into the work force creating many two income families.  These two income families approached their state representatives and changed the law to allow two incomes (or more?) to qualify for a home loan.  The result was the supply and demand curve pushed the cost of housing to the limits again.  When the economy is downsizing these families cannot make the loan payments, and without a safety net (one working spouse), they face foreclose by the banks.  These forecloses are directly related to us having “Too many Women in the Work Force” or Legislators trying to get reelected by appeasing their constituents by making laws that hurt our economy.
  2. The Stress from working and raising families resulted in more single income families. The Single Parent Families could not compete with the two income families in our economy and they needed to take action to increase their income. Some took on more work (Jobs) others turned to crime, often as solicitors of information to pass onto others, for a commission, to supplement their income, and others using this information to, by unlawful means, supplement their income.  This scenario is directly related to “Too Many Women in the Work Force”.
  3. .   The crime rate for home burglary has increased significantly.  Women are not home in the neighborhoods to keep watch over the neighborhoods and the crime rate for home burglary has increased significantly.  This is a Predator-Prey situation and as long as there is Prey there will be Predators, the prey being a house full of marketable objects collected by the two income families.  This is a direct result of having “Too Many Women in the Work Force”.
  4. Women were at one time the main contributors of volunteers to important causes. With everyone needing to be on the payroll, we have lost many of our volunteers to these important causes.  This is directly related to “Too Many Women in the Work Force
  5. Women in the work force have decreased our efficiency to accomplish projects.  Men and Women are fundamentally different.  It may prove difficult to prove, but I think the data would support the theory that men are much more efficient at accomplishing projects than are women, for one, men speak one-tenth of the words in one day that a women speaks  We have replaced career guidance of women from the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with Free-Choice and Free-Will.  Women are not choosing the jobs they will be most effective at performing, but have there own idea of what they want to do.  The results of this Free-Choice and Free-Will has resulted in inefficiency in our economy at many different levels.  Men are naturally better troubleshooters than women; one only has to talk to a few software customer service agents to notice this difference, men have different approaches to solving problems than those used by most women.  There are exceptions to every general statement and I’m sure there are many exceptions to this general statement, but an exception does not disprove the norm.
  6. There are women, particularly Customer Service Women, I have found to be very efficient with my time and their time, but this is not the norm and the example that these efficient women have should be passed on to all women in the workforce.   
  7. The largest single issue is a lack of assertive communication skills, the inability to negotiate a workable compromise, as well as a lack of active and reflective listening skills.  Since women have largely been placed in the role of communicating with clients, this is a major issue in achieving national economic efficiency.   Many women stayed out of the workforce until their kids were secure in school, this would put them behind on the communications learning curve, and could very well have established an authoritative Parent-Child communication style, which is inappropriate in the workplace, although they should be retrainable if they are not too set in their aggressive communication style.