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Arming Women on the Front Line

January 25, 2013

John Houston, the Texas Ranger that defeated Santa Anna and gave us Texas said “There is no honor in waging war against a woman”.   The recent action of the Defense Department in arming our women to fight in the front lines has crossed a line that will only embolden our enemies to annihilate us.  God did not make women so good looking, to carry an assault rifle and put holes in our enemies, but to make them attractive to men and bear children.  To force our enemies to shoot at and put holes in women to protect themselves will bring dishonor to them and convince them that we should be removed from this earth.   The very essence of going to war is to protect our women and children,  to put a weapon in their hands in addition to putting them in harm’s way is the stupidest action this country has taken in the name of equality.   Men and Women will never be equal because God made a woman a lot better looking than a man and they are the ones that bear children.