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We’ve got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, it starts with “V” and that stands for “Visualization”

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

May 15, 2013

I was identified as a troubleshooter when I was twenty-two years old serving in the USAF in the south Pacific as a Flight-Line Jet Engine Mechanic.  I seemed to have the ability to visualize the processes that were involved in a system and visualize a solution.  Later in life I used the same skills as a troubleshooter for the Energy and Defense Departments.  It has always intrigued me why I had these skills and others did not.   An inheritance form my father was my conclusion as my father was a doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and my mother was well educated as well.  This theory gave validity of “Skills” being inherited from our parents, a phenomenon easily observed in celebrity actors and vocalist.

But, lately I recalled my early childhood experience of every Sunday evening listing to stories, laid-out in front of the floor model radio, listening to “Gun Smoke” and “Johnny Dollar Insurance Investigator” and more.  As we listened to these stories we “Visualized” the story our minds had created and I think this is where this “Visualization Skill” was developed.  Was it developed in many others?  Probably, but not many made it to the forefront of technology.  I can recall some of my classmates at about the second grade level talk about watching “Zorro” on the television this would be about 1952.  Our family did not have a television until I was in high school so I had more “Visualization” training than some classmates.  I recall conversations with others who grew up in this generation saying that “Gun Smoke” on the radio was much better than “Gun Smoke” on the television.  The “Visualizations” we created in our own minds was better than what Hollywood had produced. 

I now believe it was this early training in “Visualization” that enabled me to “Visualize” the processes of systems in the high-tech world. 

The conclusion of this insight must be obvious: Let’s get back to reading our children stories from books and re-empower the radio stories for our children and loose the television, video movies, video games and U-tube and any source of distraction that gets in the way of “Visualization” training of our children, we will end up with a much empowered adults capable of “visualization”, now, an almost “Lost Generation” of “Visualization” specialist.