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The Gad Fly ver. 1.2.1

The Philosopher


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Definition of Gad Fly

  • A fly that bites livestock, especially a horsefly, warble fly, or bot-fly.
  • An annoying person, especially one who provokes others into action by criticism.

The Gad Fly of the Greek Democracy[i]

  • Plato refers to Socrates as the “gad fly” of the state (as the gad fly stings the horse into action, so Socrates stung various Athenians).

The Gad Fly of the Christian Church[ii]

A New Paradigm in Christian Thinkingis the gad fly of the Christian Church.  Christian Churches do not accept criticism, ever. The price of criticism in the Christian Church is excommunication.  Christian sees themselves as “birds of a feather” and a critical bird is not of their nest.  They must protect the income and salaries of the professional Christians, the minds of their youth and the minds of all of their members from the gad flies of the Christian Church. Professional Christians must preach to the choir, instructing them on the religion that they have chosen to put their faith.  The cost of not preaching to the choir is that the choir will vote with their feet and donations, resulting in a loss of income to the church and the professional Christians who probably have children – if Protestant – that they need to get through college and a mortgage to pay off.   If the professional Christians are Catholic, they will not meet with the approval of the hierarchy of the church and will be excommunicated.

Max Planck, the German nuclear physicist of the early twentieth century, stated, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.[iii]

The same statement can be made of religion.  Acceptance of a new viewpoint of the existing data on religion can only take place when a younger generation becomes comfortable with these new views and those who are adamantly opposed to these new views die off.

Because of this self-protection of the minds of the youths, the church is destined to disappear for failure to keep up with our knowledge of the universe and the light it has shined on our knowledge and purpose of the visit to planet Earth of the Representative of the Creator of the Universe (RoCoU) two thousand years ago, and taught how the Homo sapiens who have evolved over the past thousands of centuries can get their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter met on this planet Earth and how to live in peace with each other and other nations.

An interesting side note is that Paleoanthropologist has found no link to the evolution of the Homo sapiens skull to that of the evolved Ancient Man, leaving open the creation of the Homo species by the “Creator of the Universe”.  Although ancient man and modern man have identical bone structure from the neck on down, their skulls and thus brains are much different, nor is there any evidence of a transitional development from the skull of Ancient Man to the skull (Brain) of the Homo Species. [iv]

The advances in our knowledge of the universe and the life creation process in the last one hundred years, mainly due to the Hubble Telescope and advances in life science, have put the Christian Church in a position where they need to update their theology from religious to pragmatic (cause and effect, science) or face extinction.  The church is clearly in a positon of “grow or die” and the church cannot possibly grow with the determination to maintain their existing course, a course established and handed down through the generations and centuries by people that did not understand the meaning, instructions from the RoCoU and implications of the events that had taken place in the very beginning of “The Way” or the Christian Church.  These events took place in a very religious society and that society, for the most part, saw and recorded these events through a religious lens (perspective).

Case Study I

The RoCoU that visited planet Earth two thousand years ago taught the audience that had gathered around Him how to get along with other people on a one-on-one basis and how nations could live in peace with one another on a nation-to-nation basis.[v]

  • For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” [vi] From the accepted Christian perspective, their judgments will be judged by a higher power at the end of the life of planet Earth. They do not see their judging others as something that has immediate consequences.  From the pragmatic perspective, the effect of judging others – be it one-on-one or nation-to-nation – will have immediate consequences.  All Homo sapiens on planet Earth are of equal authority; one does not have dominion over another. And as one Homo sapien judges another, so in turn are they judged by those they are judging in real time by the same measure they are using to judge!This holds true for one nation to judge another nation. As one nation judges another, so is that nation judged, by the measure they use to judge, by the nation they are judging.  As in the case where the USA is judging ISIS with “air strikes,” the USA is being judged by ISIS attacking soft target (civilian targets, airplanes, restaurants, public places, etc.) with bombing and assault weapons.  The USA has judged ISIS as “barbaric” and ISIS, in turn, has judged the USA as “barbaric”.  This ISIS War has made it impossible to tell the Barbarians from the Barbarians.

Wars of our past have been mislabeled.  We must remember that the President of the USA is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the USA.  The orders given by the President must be followed by the USA military forces.  The President does not issue illegal orders.  If the President  orders it, it is a legal order and must be obeyed by those in subornation to the Commander-in-Chief.  One can argue that they do not have to follow an illegal order, but they will probably be sent to the brig while the Supreme Court reviews their case. They will be removed from and replaced from duty and someone else will carry out the Commander-in-Chief’s order.

Therefore the Civil War as we know it was not our civil war – it was  Lincoln’s War.  The USA involvement in WWII was FDR’s and Truman’s War.  Harry Truman was President when the Korean War began in 1950, and Dwight Eisenhower was elected in 1952 and was President when the armistice was signed in 1953.  The Vietnam War was JFK’s initiative and LBJ’s Bombing War; Nixon pulled USA troops out of Vietnam. The Serbia vs. Bosnia, Kosovo, NATO was Clinton’s war.  The Persian Gulf War I with Iraq was G.H.W. Bush’s War.  The Iraq War was G.W. Bush’s War and the ISIS-ISIL War is Obama’s War.

As a professional troubleshooter for over forty years, I can equivalently state that, “A problem must be accurately described before action is taken to try and solve the problem; if not, a bigger problem will be the result.”  By placing the proper labels on our past wars, we should gain some insight as to the right problem to solve.

The Right Problem to Solve

  • Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still together on the way, or your adversary may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.” [vii]

The term “workable compromise” was not coined until the twentieth century. Is it any wonder that our ancestors did not understand the meaning of the above instruction from the RoCoU during his visit to planet Earth two thousand years ago?  A workable Compromise is a solution to conflicts that work for all participants in the disagreement.  The first step in search of a workable compromise is to ask the conflicting subject, “What do you want?”  If one does not understand what the conflicting parties want, how can a resolution ever be found that works for the principle parties?

  • Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Won’t he first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand? If he is not able, he will send a delegation while the other is still a long way off and will ask for terms of peace.[viii]

Here we have the workable compromise on a much larger scale.  In the case of USA vs. ISIS, the question was never asked, “What do you want?”  If we trace back the steps of the previous administrations, we should be able to predict what ISIS-ISIL wants.  The Sunni Muslims were in power in Iraq prior to G.W. Bush’s administration.  G.W. Bush’s War left the Sunni dispossessed from their homeland by the puppet Shiite Muslim administration installed by Bush. Iraq’s neighbor, Syria, was involved in its own civil war; The Sunni Muslims, now still armed with their weapons from the now defunct Iraq Red Army, seized the opportunity and developed their base of operation in Syria.  This new ISIL then made pronouncement on video, in a very barbaric way, for the USA to “Stay out of our fight.”  The Obama administration judged ISIL as “terrorists” and initiated air strikes against ISIS-ISIL as they threatened our allies in power in Iraq.

As described above in Case Study I, judging a nation as terrorist will result in the judging nation to be judged as terrorist by the judged nation.   As the USA conducted air strikes against “hard targets” (military targets) in an attempt to minimize collateral damage (civilian deaths), ISIS-ISIL, in retaliation, began bombing and assaulting soft targets (Civilian Targets).

Judging and the lack of ability to negotiate a workable compromise by the Obama administration has, and will continue to, cost the western civilization much cost in damage, dislocation of refugees and lives of civilians.  It is apparent that even a routine change in the administration by a newly elected administration will not end this conflict with ISIS-ISIL. A resignation or impeachment of the Chief Executive seems the proper road to pursue.  A newly elected administration would be in a position of trying to apologize for the actions of the previous administrations, and that never happens.

The Lens Used for the Viewing of the Facts

The lens one views the facts, events or evidence through determines the conclusions that the viewer will hold as the correct interpretation of the facts, events or evidence. The classic scenario is this: Two men who are walking in the woods come upon an immaculate garden, complete with trimmed hedges, flower garden arrangements, etc.   One man states, “There must be a caretaker for this place.” The other man states, “What a wonderful work of nature.”   The events that took place during the visit of the RoCoU two thousand years ago can be looked at through a religious lens or a pragmatic lens.

There are two and maybe three writers that were able to record the events, of the visit to Earth by the RoCoU and the events that took place, without looking though there religious lens.  Mark, who wrote the book of Mark in the Book of Books, the Bible, was a young man on the perimeter of the core group who became the Apostles of the RoCoU. He found himself in Rome where much persecution was taking place of the “Christians” in Rome.  He took it upon himself to record for the purpose of history the events that had taken place during his life.  He was an eyewitness to some of the events and received reports from those who were part of the core group of the RoCoU.  The style of writing for an historian is to answer the questions, “who, what, where and when.”   Luke, who wrote the books of Luke (Luke I) and Acts of the Apostles (Luke II), was contracted to record the events that had and were taking place in this time period. [ix]  Luke wrote under the guidelines of a journalist, answering “who, what, where and when.”  Luke was an eyewitness to many of the events that took place, he interviewed others who were eyewitnesses of events and he was an embedded journalist with the Apostle Paul on his missionary journeys.  Matthew was a tax collector and a Jew who made an argument to Jews of the authentication of the RoCoU to the Jewish religion.  He sometimes included the “why” in his writings, as did John in the book of John.  This would make their writing styles, “who, what, where, when and why” a little more difficult to sort out the facts from their interpretation of the facts and events that took place during this visit of the RoCoU.  The Apostle Paul was highly educated in Jewish religion and history.  He viewed our relationship with the RoCoU through the lens of Jewish religion and history.  A close examination of the writing of Paul will disclose that his view of the RoCoU’s visit to planet Earth was religious and the RoCoU’s view of his visit to earth was pragmatic and the next step in the evolution of the Homo species on planet Earth.

 The Gad Fly of the Democracy of the USA

The present day gad fly of democracy in the USA is The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired.[x]  The Greeks invented democracy from scratch and it worked well for them for about 170 years.  The Greeks were on the peak of their Golden Age when they got tired of hearing their gad fly, Socrates, who was a critic of their society, in particular of the shortcomings and corruption in this democracy.  Socrates was one of the founders of western philosophy.  The Greek Senate charged Socrates with “corrupting the minds of the youth,” and they sentenced Socrates to death.  The death of Socrates was the beginning of the downfall of Greece, for they had lost their “guidepost.”

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, like Socrates has been excommunicated from his position at a national laboratory by management that took offense to his proposals that threated their power structure.  His teaching credentials were canceled in a local church for “corrupting the minds of the youth” and not teaching the church’s official view on the subject. He was excommunicated from a church where he was a member in good standing for twenty years for publishing “A New Paradigm in Christian Thinking” [xi] and corrupting the minds of their youth and any other person in their church with science and philosophy.  Thank God for civil laws that protects our citizens from physical harm.

Our President has not chosen to listen to this gad fly, when he suggested that a workable compromise be initiated to resolve the conflict of space, control and authority in Iraq between the three different sects of Muslims. This was proposed by the Vice President, and now the reining authority in Syria has been added to the mix; he chose to put together a coalition of nations to wipe ISIS-ISIL from planet Earth.  ISIS-ISIL has retaliated with attacks against this coalition of nations and the USA hitting soft targets.  We should expect this activity to continue. The best outcome, using the best military forces on the planet,  for a military victory, will be guerilla warfare with the soft targets continuing to be hit by these guerilla fighters.  The only solution to the ISIS-ISIL conflict is a workable compromise – a permanent home for the displaced Sunni Muslims from their Iraq home.

Lessons from History

In 480 B.C. the Persians were set upon wiping the Greeks off the Earth or enslaving them.  The Persians greatly outnumbered the Greeks.  The Persians were under autocratic the rule of Xerxes; the Greeks were under democratic rule (one for all and all for one).   The Persians overran the Greek Spartans (trained warriors) at the pass of Thermopylae [xii] and sacked Athens, which had been evacuated by the Greeks.

The Persians had large war ships (similar to that of the USA navy, bigger than their opponents).  The Greeks built small maneuverable war ships with a torpedo like Ram on the bow of the ship (A trireme).  The Greeks lured the Persian navy in to the Aegean Sea where there were many islands presenting a maneuverable issue for the Persians.  With their mobility (like ISIS-ISIL), the Greeks ran circles around the larger Persian ships and rammed the Persian ships with their torpedo like Rams at the front of their ships and sank the Persian Fleet. [xiii]

Beware USA your large arsenal of weapons is being out maneuvered by an adversary who is focused on mobility.

The USA Transition from a Republic to a Democracy

The USA was formed as a republic and has been in a long transition to a democracy in small steps. This change has come about by allowing more of the population to vote in elections and it changed the way our President was elected.  In the beginning, only land owners could vote in the elections.  These were the people who had an invested interest in the profitability of the nation, much like that of stockholders voting in a corporation. [xiv]  The vote has slowly been extended, for various reasons, to other segments of our society who do not have an investment or knowledge of producing a profitable nation (women, teens, those on government assistance).  We certainly have improved on the lifestyles of our citizens, as have the Greeks, but our national debt is rising above our ability to pay the interest, which could eventually result in foreclosure on our property (nation) by our creditors (like the two bailouts of the Greeks by the EU in recent history).

The Life Span of a Democracy

The average lifespan for a democracy is about 170 years, as established by the Greeks.  In the Greek democracy, leaders were chosen by a lottery, thus minimizing payoffs and corruption in the government.  Serving as a leader was considered a duty of citizenship.  Ballots could be cast to remove a government leader from office and they would be exiled for ten years from their society. In the Greek democracy, only about 20 percent of the population could vote. [xv]   The Greeks now have more people on the government payroll than people paying taxes to support the government. Is this direction the USA wants to continue to pursue?

The Code of Conduct to Live Long in this Land

There is a “code of conduct” that was intended to provide for the continued success of a nation living long in the land that had been giving to them.  Unfortunately, these were given to a very religious people and they did not understand the economic implications of these Ten Codes of Conduct.  Unfortunately, these Ten Codes of Conduct are still seen as religious by almost our entire society, religious and secular alike.  When one sets aside their religious lens, the pragmatic lens shows that the economics of these Ten Codes of Conduct can be realized.  The original Codes of Conduct were given in an ancient language; therefore, the proper perspective is to look at them through the eyes of a parent giving instruction to their children so that they might live long in the land the parent was giving them to raise their generations.

  1. You will not listen to anyone but your father for guidance.
  2. You will not form addictions that will prevent you from making your own decisions.
  3. You will not use my name as an authority to cause trouble or discomfort for any other person on this planet Earth.
  4. You will take a day off, after every six days of work, and remember who gave you this land and enjoy your time with family and friends, and you will allow your employees time off to enjoy their family and friends, and you will not mow your lawn on this day and interrupt the peace of your neighbors.
  5. Remember what your mother and father taught you, and hand down those teaching to your children and grandchildren, that you might live long in this land I have given you.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not steal.
  8. You shall not give false witness against your neighbor.
  9. You shall not seek an intimate relationship with your neighbor’s wife.
  10. You shall not scheme to gain possession of your neighbor’s property.
  11. You will not build a big mansion type house in your neighbor’s back yard.
  12. You shall keep the walk-ways, of your communities, free of “F oxtails” that injure our pets. [xvi]






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Change in the Commander-in-Chief of Our Armed Forces Ver. 1.2.0

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired
Copyright 2015

My personal experience with the President as the Commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces goes back to Lyndon B. Johnson and the Vietnam War. Since then and until this second decade of the twenty-first century, it is becoming obvious to some of us old timers that having the President serve as the sole Commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces (CCoAF) may have been a good idea to the Founding Fathers at the time of the founding of the United States of America (USA), but has outlived its usefulness in the changing world of this twenty-first century. i
At the formation of the USA, the President was elected by state representatives – not by the public – and therefore was isolated from public opinion. The states gave the vote to the public, and this put the President directly under the influence of public opinion which, in turn, is influenced by the news media.

There seems to be an agreement that the invasion of Iraq was the stupidest foreign policy the USA has enacted. This action has resulted in a minority religious group being disenfranchised from Iraq, their homeland, and resulted in the formation of ISIS to establish a place for them to call home on this planet.

Our CCoAF has chosen to activate our military forces against ISIS rather than negotiate a workable compromise with them and those in power in the region to establish a place they can call home on this planet. This has resulted in the USA deploying air attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Russians have responded with their own air support to Syria against ISIS. It now appears that ISIS has taken down a Russian civilian air carrier, resulting in the death of all 224 people on board this aircraft. ii Europe is being flooded with refugees from Syria who are trying to escape the carnage in their homeland. All these events are directly tied to the USA invasion of Iraq. “We may not like some of these people in charge of their country, but we need to leave them in power. It is no longer just the USA and the Russians with nuclear weapons; the world has changed.”iii

The USA represents the leadership of the Free World. When the USA employed air strikes against ISIS hard targets, ISIS responded with terror attacks on soft targets such a Paris concert halls, a busy restaurants, putting a bomb on an aircraft, etc. At the very core of these terror attacks is the inability to negotiate a workable compromise by our Commander-in-Chief. Has anyone asked the ISIS people what they want?

There are several causes of this lack of ability to negotiate a workable compromise; lack of training is at the top of the list. Some get exposure to negotiating compromises when they grow up with a close opposite sex sibling, but those who grow up without a sibling do not get any exposure to negotiating in their family of origin. Others with a same sex younger, close in age, sibling may, like the only child, grow accustomed to getting what they want.

The Ideal Military Action Committee

In this twenty-first century, the news media reports news and influences public opinion, and the public opinion influences the CCoAF to take action with our armed forces. This is an unacceptable arrangement for the use of force in foreign policy. The use of force will be met with an equal and opposite use of force. iv
The ideal committee for the CCoAF would be a committee of civilian, mature males (over fifty years of age) who could see the results and consequences of their actions and be removed from the influence of public opinion as the President was at the formation of the USA.

This would mean a totally independent committee like the Supreme Court or a Senate Committee. Members of the Senate Committee, as CCoAF, must have at least two remaining years in their term before re-election by the voting public. For the CCoAF committee to take action, there must be consensus agreed upon by the CCoAF. Action cannot be taken with a majority vote the CCoAF, but must be in consensus to take military action.


i Jay Davis, Former Associate Director LLNL, The Independent News Paper, 10/28/2015
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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, it starts with “L” and that stands for “Labeling” Ver. 1.0.0
The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

Labeling a group of people to dehumanize them is the first step in justifying their demise from this earth. The Label of the day seems to be “Terrorist”. But a “Terrorist” is a group of people that covertly attack a country, military or civilians without warning and their movies are to bring down a government that has become a giant and is in control of the rest of the world. During WWII we called them “Special Ops” (Operation). Is this new movement “ISIS or ISIL” “Islamic State of this or that” a “Terrorist” organization or are they idealist invaders wanting to set up their own country for their own brand of religion. A motive the Americans should be familiar as the USA was formed to provide the Protestant Christians their own county free from the power of the existing paradigm in religion in Europe.

The USA still celebrates “Thanksgiving” a feast of our early settlers with the “Natives” who were living in this new country where the Americans wanted to establish their own brand of “Freedom of Religion”. These new settlers in this new nation were lucky there was not a strong world power that thought they were the controllers of the world or the USA would never have been born. The USA was lucky in that it did have strong foreign powers that supported them who could benefit from this new settlement in America.

Did the citizens of this new country, the USA, become “Terrorists” when they ran into opposition from the existing residents of this country? Or did they label the existing residents as “Savages” (non-Christians) and remove them from this planet. We should check with some of our “Native Americans” and see what their opinion might be if the new settlers were “Terrorist” or not. Maybe even check with survivors of some of the settlors better known massacres’ like “Wounded Knee” to see if the USA were “Terrorists”.

“Democracy is the worst from of government, except for all the rest”, Winston Churchill. An even worse form of government is a Democracy that has a “News Media” driving public opinion that drives our President with “Dictatorial Powers” over our military. Military action to mitigate what the “News Media” has determined is a crisis that needs the attention of the Military from this “Democratic Society”, “Nonviolent Society” the USA. Then our President, driven by “Public Opinion” created by the “News Media”, seeks the power given to our Congress to declare War on the people we have labeled “Terrorist” who maybe, are just invaders wanting to set up their own country for their own brand of religion.
This Philosopher is old enough to remember the beginning of the Vietnam War, where the USA was only sending in “Military Advisors” to South Vietnam a country with a crisis, a movement from North Vietnam to unite their country into one of their own brand of idealism. This philosopher was in a group in the South Pacific who had responsible for sending our “Fallen” back to the USA for their families to bury. The USA was in that war for over a decade and the number of “Fallen” that were sent back to the USA to be buried by their families was over 55,000. “If we cannot remember history, we will be bound to repeat it”.

Is the USA now on the threshold of another involvement in a groups “Ideology”? Are we putting the proper label on this new movement to de-humanize them to justify their removal from this Earth? This Philosopher thinks the USA needs to look back at its own development and expansion and labeling process to remove the natives from the land they call their own with their “New Ideology” Christianity “a nonviolent religion”.

The Apostle Paul, a Pillar in this “New Ideology” (Christianity) clearly stated that followers of “Christ” would not use military means to wage war to fight, but would use words, arguments and divine power to defeat competing idealisms. If the “News Media” thinks that we need to address a “New Crises” in the world, a new idealism replacing an existing idealism, we should look to our own idealism to address the issue with words, augments and divine power rather than military might.

Unfortunately the Apostle Paul in his efforts to explain the “Gospel” to the world only had half of the information he needed. Paul had firsthand experience with Jesus and only had secondhand knowledge of the “Personal Counselor” that Jesus had sent us to guide each of us through this life. Paul had secondhand knowledge from individuals who themselves did not fully understand what had been given to them with this new “Personal Counselor”. Thus Paul’s theology developed around using Jesus as an example to follow and created standards for the new followers of the Gospel to live by. This does not seem to be in alignment with what Jesus wanted for the world, he wanted his “Personal Counselor” to guide each of us though this life. It does seem the idealism of the USA is due for a Major Tune-up.

For more information on the development of “The Gospel”, that Jesus wanted us to have, see the Blog: