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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA it starts with “R” and that stands for Religion Part I, Ver. 1.0.2

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired


Religion is causing the USA a great deal of difficulty. Not only do we have the Radically Religious out to kill Americans and our allies, we have instituted religions based in the USA. The problem with very religious people is that they cannot tolerate any affront to their tradition of religion. They cannot hear any reasonable, rational, critical thinking argument that does not conform to the religious traditions that they hold dearly themselves.
One might think that religious problems only exist in the Middle East, that their traditions date back thousands of years, but the Christian religions in the USA have the same issue. The Christian Churches do not hear anything that is contrary to their beliefs and they too go to great lengths to suppress any affront to their religious traditions.

The USA is being confronted with another war in the Middle East with another radical religious group. The USA has deployed air strikes against their aggression in Iraq and in Syria. The Middle East is deeply entrenched in their religious traditions and there is nothing the USA is going to change about these traditions in the Middle East which has a long history of aggression against any group not of their tradition. This is very similar to gangs in the USA with the Blue Gang and the Red Gang; these are identifiers of the different groups with hostilities toward each other.

A war with this new aggressive radical religious is a no win situation for the USA. The Middle East has a long tradition of aggression from one group against another. The USA is not going to change that situation with air strikes or boots on the ground. To attempt to change this culture of aggression will only result in more aggression against the USA and more of our own citizens and service members will be lost. This situation cannot be changed by force and the religious institutions in the USA are so deeply entrenched into their own traditions that any new findings are rejected by these religious institutions themselves so that they are of little effect in mitigating the aggression of the Middle East.

The situation in the Middle East looks like “let the chips fall where they may” situation. The USA removed the 9/11 attackers from this earth, by involving ourselves in the aggression of the Middle East will only bring more 9/11 style attacks against the USA. We did our job and eradicated the backers of the 9/11 attack, to try and do more in this area of the world will only make the USA more open to more attacks from the Middle East. Sometimes it is best to let a barking dog bark. When it comes to a conflict with religion, air strikes and boots on the ground will not make the world a safer place. This is a job for nonviolent organizations, but the existing nonviolent religions are in serious need of a major tune-up themselves. .