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Web thread: Teachers Carrying Guns with Protective Vests

February 17, 2013

An Open Letter:

To: Senator Feinstein/ Author Banning Assault Weapons
Re: Shooters on Campus
Reference: The Local New Paper, February 14, 2013

Note: The names were changed to protect the innocent

Local College, Hometown, Home state, USA:  “On February 6, 2013, emergency management expert, “Bill Murray” (The name was changed to protect the innocent &interject humor), led a training session designed to educate administrators, instructors and students on how to prepare for an active shooter on campus.  These are his concluding statements “If there is a path to get out, take it immediately” …..” if escape is not possible, hide…. Hide out, find a place concealed from the shooter’s view, one that will provide some measure of protection.  Lock and barricade the door turn off all lights and close any blinds.  ….do not huddle together…..  Finally, if it’s determined there is no other option than to take out the shooter, be prepared to do whatever is necessary to neutralize the threat, either by disrupting his actions or incapacitating him.  Throw books, backpacks or chairs, yell or use improvised weapons

Comments by the nation’s Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

  1. The last time I was in a college classroom there was a teacher’s desk and student chairs in the room.  “Take cover out of sight and don’t huddle together”?  Where?
  2. “Neutralize the threat, either by disrupting his actions or incapacitating him. Throw books, backpacks or chairs, yell or use improved weapons.”?   I hope I am not the only one who can see how erroneous this instruction is.  The old saw, “don’t take a knife to a gun fight” rings a bell.  Now they want the students to bring a book, backpack, chair or improvised weapon to a gun fight!!  This is good material for a stand-up Comedian!
  3. Arming and training the teachers in the use of a weapon is the correct response to these threats on campuses.   Just the public knowledge that the teachers are armed will no doubt prevent a shooter from entering a campus and if he does the teachers are prepared to “neutralize the threat” with a real weapon, not an improvised weapon. 



The Philosopher on Politics

Teachers Carrying Guns


December 31, 2012

In regard of the recent school shooting there is a lot of talk about gun control.  Gun control will only take guns away from law abiding citizens that register their firearms with the government; it will not prevent unlawful guns.   In regard to this latest incident the gun owner should be cited for not properly locking up their guns and locking the guns with an approved lock-out device.   I had it said to me that people in Alaska are always treated with respect, this is because almost everyone carries a gun.  The real solution to these school shooting is to arm and train the teachers so they can protect the students under their care.  This may sound drastic, but having it plainly known that the teachers are armed will cause any potential gunman to consider the consequences of their actions.   I believe a school in Arnold, Texas is having success with teachers carrying.