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We Got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right Here in the USA, It Starts with “V” and that Stands for “Voter Problems”
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The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

October 7, 2012


We Got Voter Problems

This year’s presidential election has been illuminating on the voter situation in the USA.  When the news casters voices the conclusion that the poles, after a debate between the two candidates for President, are a reflection of how the candidate looked while delivering his or his opponent’s argument,  and not on the debaters arguments,  it is time we reassess our voter rights  legislation. 

Question one:  Would any of us be permitted to vote in a corporations stockholders meeting if we were not a stockholder?

Question two:  How did so many become registered voters in the USA government elections without being stockholders (stakeholders) in our country?

The Problem:  If we allow the non-stakeholders in our country to continue to vote, they will keep voting to get more benefits from our government. We will begin to look like the Greeks who are going bankrupt because they have more people receiving government benefits than they have people working to pay for those benefits.    

In the beginning of our country it was decided that one needed to hold property in our country (Stakeholder) to vote in our governmental elections.  As the years passed we have redefined the term Stakeholder to mean anyone who was born in this country and of age or is a naturalized citizen.  The result of this redefinition of Stakeholder is working to bankrupt our country and increase the Federal deficit; the money we borrow from other countries to fund the programs voted in by our congress that has become supersensitive to public opinion and voters due to massive media coverage.

It is time to once again redefine Stakeholder in the USA.  How can we now decide who is a Stakeholder and who is not a Stakeholder?  The same way a corporations determines its stockholders; do they own stock in our country?  Not just served on active military duty or community service or born here, but actually own stock in our country.  I would imagine this would include Corporate Stockholders, Bond holders, Property Owners, those with 401Ks, 403Bs, IRAs etc. These are the people that really have a Stake in the health of our country.