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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble Right here in the USA, it starts with P and W and that stands for Pandemic or War Ver. 1.0.0

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Pandemic or War it has to be one or the other, we cannot maintain the growth of population of Homo Sapiens on this earth without overwhelming the natural resources of this planet.  A Pandemic is preferable to War.  A Pandemic will discriminate between the weak and the strong, the strong genes will survive and the weak genes will be eliminated before the weak genes are passed down to the next generation.  The result will be a stronger population of Homo Sapiens on the planet.  Pandemics are like Forest Fires, if we continue to put out all the fires resulting from lightning strikes, the forest floor builds up with fuel, then instead of the low temperature fire remaining on the forest floor, the fire has enough fuel to climb into the crown of the forest and become a high temperature fire and we lose the whole forest.  The same is true of Pandemics, if we try to save everyone on the planet we will lose the whole population and the Homo Sapiens will become like the Dinosaurs, extinct. 

Historically when nations became over populated they started a war with their neighbors to obtain more resources.  The war eliminated the population of both nations and eliminated many of the homo sapien males who are necessary to reproduce the population slowing the growth rate in both nations to come into alignment with the natural resources available to support life on this planet.  The problem with the war option is that it does not discriminate between the weak and the strong Homo Sapiens, but eliminates both equally.  War also destroys much of the infrastructure of the warring nations.  Not necessarily a bad thing as it gets rid of the old structures and new, better structures can be built to replace the old structures.  War does not however strengthen the Homo Sapiens population as a whole the weak and the weak genes both survive, but not necessarily equally as the strong were sent to war and the weak remained behind in relative safety.  Thus the Homo Sapiens population would be made weaker by war not stronger as in a Pandemic. 

California is a fine example of overpopulation exceeding the natural resources available to support that overpopulation.   California has attracted many Homo Sapiens because of the mild weather condition, jobs and a more open society.  Water is the main issue in California.  When the rains do come during the winter months, filling reservoirs for drier times, many communities and farmers still pump water from the water aquifers beneath the surface of the planet during these years of plenty.  The result is that the aquifers don’t recover from the loss of water used during times of drought and the level of water in the aquifers keeps on decreasing year by year.  It is estimated that the level of water in the aquifers has dropped by as much as two to three times the water in Lake Mead, a very large manmade lake numerically in the millions of acre feet of water.  Southern California is supplemented by water from Northern California via the Aqueduct that runs from the Delta in Northern California to Los Angeles in Southern California supplying water to valley communities and farms along the way, farms that support the rest of the nation with food to eat.   Therefore, not only is the population of Californian stressing the fresh water supply, but so is the population of the rest of the nation. 

Even if the fresh water supply continued as in the past, this use of water cannot be maintained.  The climate is changing and estimates of future water run from none to some for decades.  The choices that California has to provide water for their population of Homo Sapiens and wild life, is decreasing.  We can allow the population to decrease naturally though Pandemics or increase the fresh water supply through desalination plants to convert sea water to fresh water.   Clearly, different water management needs to take place in California or in the long run the whole population of California is in jeopardy.