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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, It starts with “R” and that stands for “Religion”, Part III ver. 1.0.1

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Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ “Science or Religion”?


“People who are unable to understand perfectly both the Bible and the science far outnumber those who do understand them,” Galileo (1564-1642).

The Church and Galileo: 

“On 31 October 1992, 350 years after Galileo’s death, Pope John Paul II gave an address on behalf of the Catholic Church in which he admitted that errors had been made by the theological advisors in the case of Galileo. He declared the Galileo case closed, but he did not admit that the Church was wrong to convict Galileo on a charge of heresy because of his proof that the Earth rotates round the sun.”

Mind science is in its infancy:

Mind science is in its infancy, we do not know much about how this brain we have been given works or even what the extents of the capabilities of this brain (mind) are. ‘The Savior’, aka Jesus, came to this earth and taught us much about how to use this brain (gave us the operating instructions), but did not go into detail about the science behind his teachings. Jesus said we could communicate with the Personal Counselor he sent us after his resurrection and ascension into heaven (an unknown place) He gave us many examples to follow and many parables to help us understand the capabilities of the mind. His only mention of the “Mind” is in his ‘categorical imperative’ “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your “Mind” and with all your soul. He taught us that we could move mountains if we had the faith to do so. He taught us the power of forgiveness. He told us to go to a quiet place like a closet (one’s room) so we could speak with our Father in Heaven. All of these examples points to the reality that we are dealing with a science that we, at this point in time, do not understand. But like all of the things, that the Homo Sapiens have made a religion in history, science was able to explain and shed light on the subject and that religion disappeared into science.

Science is the explanation of Religion:

Science is the explanation of Religion. The glowing examples of science trumping religion were Archimedes and Galileo showing the science of their time. Even the evolutionist, Darwin, showed how life on earth has evolved over the many years in development. Even still today science is a “bad word” in a Christian church. The Universe is expanding at an increasing rate making it more plausible the universe was created by “The Big Bang” theory. If God can create this universe and create life on this planet using evolution as his process, is this science or is this religion?

The Divided House of the USA:

It is not just the different religions that we have in the USA, but the intolerance of these religions for each other that are dividing this nation. A nation thus divided will have great difficulty defeating its adversaries who are united in their religion. A big negative part of religion is that it has the capability of dividing families. What does this have to do with science? It’s been known for centuries that women can get really serious about their religion. Men on the other hand often become religious, that is God becomes “The most important person in their life” between the ages of thirty-five and thirty-nine. Were these men exposed to religion at an early age from their parents or community? Is this the ‘Mustard seed’ spoke about by ‘The Savior, aka Jesus’ twenty centuries ago? When men find religion at the middle-age, they usually have a family and the mother is going to protect the minds of her children from being corrupted by this new religion that their father has found. This is a real issue in “Community Property” states like California where this shift in religion by the children’s father often results in a divorce dividing the family fortune be it large or small. This puts additional burden on our society to get these children through college and be productive GDP producers rather than a continuing burden on our society. “It is the wife’s main responsibility to keep the family fortune intact”. The strength of a nation is its economy not its weapons arsenals or ‘Boots on the ground’. This intolerance of religions for other religions is causing this nation a low ‘National Economic Operating Efficiency’ which in-turn is causing a high national debt and increases the interest that foreign nations have in the land of the USA.

Judging the Advanced Thinkers in our Society:

Society has misjudged some of the greatest minds in history. James Madison the DNA Noble Prize winning scientist stated some controversial statements on mind science, race and sex. His remarks, like similar observations made by President Theodore Roosevelt, implied that some races or sexes are more advanced than another. Statistics always works on averages, means, ranges and standard deviations about the mean. On a normal “Bell Shaped Curve” there is always at least 5 % of the data outside of two standard deviations about the mean on both ends of the curve. Therefore, a general statement regarding mind science on race or sex can only be evaluated in terms of these statistic parameters.

It would be more progressive to identify how and why these intellectual difference occur than to deny they exists at all. Knowing the “How” will lead to “How to improve”. ‘The Savior’, aka Jesus, stated “That to those much has been given, much will be demanded” . This statement clearly states that there are differences between all of us and that some of us have been give more than others. Would not our Creator know more about us than the current science knows about us? The Apostle Paul wrote “There are different kinds of gifs…, there are different kinds of service…, and there are different kinds of working. …each for the common good.” Before we judge these leaders and scientist for making public their observations of us Homo Sapiens, let us give them the benefit of having foresight. Was it not Galileo that was convicted of Heresy for proving that the earth was not the center of the universe by the Church for identifying this issue as science and not religion? If our own religion and ‘Declaration of Independence’ states that “All men are created equal”, can we persecute these leaders and scientist who make different observations be persecuted by society at large? We need to face the facts we were not all created equal but different, with different skills, attributes and knowledge, all of which gives each of us a different path in life. “Different strokes for different folks”. Our Declaration of Independence should have read “All men were created with equal rights”.

Intolerance in the USA:

The USA is divided with many religions causing many differences in opinions and intolerance for one from another. In the Terry Lectures of the 1903’s Carl Jung observed “That Psychical dangers are much more dangerous than epidemics or earthquakes. Not even the medieval epidemics of bubonic plague or smallpox killed as many people as certain differences of opinion in 1914 (WWI) or certain political ideals in Russia (The Bolshevik Revolution).” Add on to these events the number of people killed in WWII, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam Conflict, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now ISIS and ISIL.

Prepare for War Equals go to War:

Being prepared for war will lead to war. This was a voiced concern during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration in the 1930’s. FDR wanted to increase our ability to wage war against the rising advancement of the Nazi’s in Europe and threating England. The USA now has the greatest ability in the world to wage war or defend itself against war. The USA has become the ‘Policeman of the World’. When there is unrest somewhere in the world the USA is called upon to come to the rescue. Since the USA has the greatest capability to intervene over these differences in opinions, the USA finds itself in another conflict. Since we have the capability to intervene, we intervene. Are these differences in opinions religion, political, or social, expansion, survival of a group, or other root cause? Should the USA intervene or “Let the chips fall where they may”. President Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. The USA cannot stop making war machines, our economy and jobs depend on making these war machines.

Letting the Genie out-of-the- Bottle:

Once someone or nation has proved that ‘something’ can be accomplished, others or other nations can do the same knowing nothing more than ‘this can be done’. During WWII, FDR was concerned that the Nazi’s would create the nuclear bomb, so he initiated the ‘Manhattan Project’ to develop a nuclear weapon. The ‘Manhattan Project’ was successful in developing this nuclear weapon and was used on Japan to end WWII. The nuclear technology is now public knowledge ‘The Genie is out-of-the-bottle’, other nations, have set about to develop their own nuclear weapon. Now that the technology to build these nuclear weapons is readily available, all that is needed is the materials to construct the weapon. The Nonproliferation programs all focus on controlling the material to build a nuclear weapon.

Building a nuclear weapon requires weapons grade uranium developed by centrifuges using lower grade uranium. Iran had constructed these centrifuges under the guise of developing nuclear power for its country. The USA and Israel know that weapons grade uranium is not need for nuclear power reactors, developed a computer virus to infect the centrifuges being used to produce weapons grade uranium and shut down this operation with this virus. ‘The Genie is out-of-the-bottle’ again. Iran has now developed its own destructive vires and is attacking the infrastructure of the USA and other nations with their own version of this computer virus. Has not the USA and other nations learned that “People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks”.

‘The Savior’, aka Jesus, taught us to “Negotiate a workable compromise” . Would it not be better to use the mind power that has been given to us than trying to defeat the opposition? Is this science or is this religion?

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