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April 5, 2013


This is a restatement of an earlier Post discussion of our national voter problem that needs to be addressed by returning the voting rights to our Nation’s Stakeholders.  A Stakeholder is defined as one who has an interest in the National Economic Operating Efficiency (NEOE) and production of our nation, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Not a Stakeholder Not a Vote (Stakeholder to Vote).  This is the same culture in any American corporation. 

This last presidential election reveals some important details of our Voter Problem.  1) Some people are more susceptible to support those with oratory presentation and skills then other (Oratory Skills).  2) Some people are more susceptible to support a presentation of logic and reason than others (Logic and Reason Skills).  3)  The Homo Sapiens brain is not fully developed to conduct Logic, Reason and Critical Thinking until about the age of twenty-three and we have given eighteen year olds the right to vote! 

One of the known defects of a democratic society is its ability to elect bad leaders.  This is not to say that we have elected a bad leader it just means that this is one attribute of our culture that we need to guard against.  Reestablishing the definitions of “Stakeholder to Vote” is an adjustment that should be made to guard against the possibility of electing a bad leader.

Past history and voter demographic of the last election indicate that women are more susceptible to supporting someone with oratory skills.  There are probably other “Tell” indicators that could be identified by more research in this area, but, the poles clearly indicate that in some of the swing states women supported the “Oratory Skills” over “Reason and Logic Skills” by a margin of twenty percent!.  I believe I am correct but unsubstantiated (by memory) that it was the women in Germany that put Hitler in power.  I don’t think there is any doubt judging from news-reels, that I have seen, that Hitler was a great orator.  Once in power his oratory skills expanded his power. 

I would like to see someone pickup on this idea and produce demographics of voters and their support for “Oratory Skills” vs. “Reason and Logic Skills”.  I think this demographic could help us see how big is our “Voter Problem”.