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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, It starts with “R” and that stands for “Religion”, Part II, ver. 1.1.1

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired


Socialization a Basic Human Need:

A basic human need is to socialize with other Homo Sapiens of similar interests.  Who would know better about our human needs than our creator, the Christians call Our “Father in Heaven”.    To accommodate this need for socialization, the Christian Church was formed by “The Savior”, aka Jesus, who visited this planet Earth over twenty centuries ago to empower we Homo Sapiens with his “Personal Counselor, show us how to live this life and how to get what we need to live this life from our “Father in Heaven”, and inform us that when life is over, it’s not over, that he has provided a place for us with him in this place called Heaven.

Where is Heaven?

Twenty centuries ago it was believed that Heaven was beyond the clouds in with the stars that shown themselves at night.    Being involved with Applied Physics for several decades, I received an assignment to provide Technical support to a group using a “Relativistic Electron Accelerator” to do their experiments.  As a relativistic electron approaches the speed of light it is considered relativistic because it behaves according to “Einstein’s theory of Relativity” E=MC2 or Energy (E) = Mass (M) times “The Speed of Light” (C).  As the electron approaches “The Speed of Light” its Mass increases and the electron slows down so that going faster than the “The Speed of Light”, is not possible.  Therefore, the “The Speed of Light” is a barrier that cannot be crossed and that opens up the question “Is there something on the other side of this barrier “The Speed of Light”?

Speed is relative and requires a point of reference to measure its speed.  If all the points of reference are moving at the same speed as the object in question, then the relative speed is zero, as if it is not moving at all.  Therefore, if Heaven is beyond the “Speed of Light” and all objects are moving at the same speed, than from an objects point of reference it will not be moving at all.  If we are standing next to each other in Heaven, traveling faster than “The Speed of Light” at the same speed, we will not even notice that we are moving at all relative to each other and our surroundings.

It is being reported that the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate.  In that case the solar system, of our sun and planets, and the galaxies are also moving at an accelerated rate, but we do not see or feel this motion because all of the references objects in the Universe are also moving at the same speed.  Therefore, if heaven is on the other side of “The Speed of Light” everything will appear as it does on this side of “The Speed of Light”, normal.

The Church as the Intended Social Unit:

The Savior, aka Jesus, provided us with a social unit “The Church” so that we can get our social needs met and live a healthy life, mentally and physically.  The churches have become “Religious Organizations”.   Do they meet the social needs of us Homo Sapiens?  Well yes, to a point but only if the individuals’ beliefs are of the same “Brand Name” as the church.  Many churches have “Rules of Belief” one must subscribe to this “List of Beliefs” or they are considered “Not of the same Interest (belief)”.  Even if one subscribes to their “list of Beliefs” and over time and study learns of differences in their “Beliefs”, than the “Social Needs” of this individual will not be met at this church anymore because they are not the same as the “Rules of Belief” for that church.  And if there is not a church who’s “Rules of Belief” match this new knowledge, than that individual will not be getting their social needs met in any of the “Christian Churches”.   This result is not what The Savior, aka Jesus, wanted for his church.

There is a movement in the USA that is growing and that movement is “Atheism” (non-believers of God).  They are now forming their own churches so that they can get their social needs met with other Homo Sapiens of similar interests, just as “The Savior”, aka Jesus, wanted.  Many of the leaders of this movement are individuals whose knowledge exceeded that of their original church and have moved on to “Higher Ground”.   In some of the more traditional churches those who’s knowledge of the Gospel of The Savior, aka Jesus, have exceeded that of their church, have been ex-communicated from their own church!  That is, they have been cut off from their social unit and thus are not getting their social needs met with other Homo Sapiens they have known for years.   It is ironic that “Non-Believers”, Atheist, are forming churches to achieve the goals of those they don’t believe in.

Maybe the real problem with the “Christian Churches” is that they have become “Religious Institutions” rather than “Social Institutions”.  It is the experience of this Philosopher, that the Homo Sapiens can make a “Religion” of almost anything and everything, especially if they do not understand the “Science” behind what they are making a “Religion”.  This includes such objects as the Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Church and even the Ten Imperatives whom God had given His children to build a strong nation (Israel).

A Strong Nation:

The measure of economic strength of a nation is its national debt.  A large national debt indicates that foreign nations have an interest in the land of the borrowing nation.    A large debt indicates this nation is not operating efficiently and staying within the earnings of its “Gross National Product” (GNP).  “The Ten Imperatives” that were given this newly formed nation were meant to give that nation a strong infrastructure and a high “National Economic Operating Efficiency” (NEOE).

The history of this particular nation shows that they made a “Religion” out of these “Ten Imperatives” and this “Religion” caused this nation to operate inefficiently and they lost their land to their enemies.  This “Religion” was cumbersome with many rules and regulations to control the behavior of the citizens so they would comply with the requirements of this “Religion” that they made of “The Ten Imperatives”, causing a low NEOE and a weak nation (Israel).

The Christian Churches of today still make a “Religion” of these “Ten Imperatives”.  And we, the taxpayers of the USA, are spending way too many dollars on issues arising from failure to adhere to these “Ten Imperatives”.[i]

The Church was created for Man, Not Man for the Church:

The Sabbath was created for man, not man for the Sabbath, The Savior, aka Jesus.[ii]   The Church is the miracle of the continuing presences of The Savior, aka Jesus, and his miracles, The Apostle Paul[iii].  The Church was created for man, not man for the Church.  The church was created to meet a basic human need and advance the objectives of The Savior, aka Jesus.

The Church, Top Down or Bottom Up?

Through the power of the Personal Counselor the Savior, aka Jesus, sent to guide each of us through life, the indication is that the church is “Top Down” in management style with The Savior at the top.  However, if each of us is empowered by The Personal Counselor, than as we come together as the church, the church itself is “Bottom Up” in management style with the individuals as the source of power in the church.

The Apostle Paul was given the responsibility to bring the church into fruition with the Gentiles (Non-Jewish) Homo Sapiens.  Much of the writing of Paul was about the formation of “The Church” particularly in “I and II Corinthians”.  Although The Savior, aka Jesus, and Paul were connected through the “Personal Counselor, Paul did not have the benefit of the Gospel writings themselves.  Paul wrote his church in Corinthians on how to successfully resolve disagreements between themselves (The Church), but they did not include those recorded in the Gospel writing on “Negotiating a Workable Compromise”[iv] [v].  Despite these instructions on resolving conflict in the church, the church tended to become a “Top Down” organization rather than a “Bottom Up” organization.

The Church following the Historic Israel:

When the new nation Israel was formed they were not given an appointed leader, but Judges guided the country for many years.  After much experience with the Judges, the Israelites demanded a king to rule over them like the other nations.[vi]   Saul was anointed their king by the Judge Samuel to lead the country.[vii]   In the same way the church as adopted the same philosophy as the Israelites, that they need a leader for their church, large or small.  This has made the church into a “Top Down” organization.  After much failing of the new king, David was anointed as God’s chosen to lead the country,  he had no political power, in fact was providing service to his anointed king, Saul, by playing his harp to sooth Saul’s troubled mind, and he took out Goliath, who was challenging the Israelites to fight him, for king Saul as well.[viii]  David proved himself as a leader in battle against the enemies of Israel and eventually was given leadership of the country after King Saul fell on his sword after a battle defeat against the Philistines.[ix]  Was David’s ascension to leader of the country “Bottom Up” and his rule over the county “Top Down”?  This does appear to be the case.  In the Church the same phenomena is taking place, church leaders are appointed by the church, “Bottom Up” then the appointed leaders lead the church in a “Top Down” manner.  “Bottom Up” or “Top Down” the two are mutually exclusive, meaning you cannot have both; it is either one or the other.

The Imperatives of Kant:  

Categorical Imperative:

The eighteenth century German Philosopher Immanuel Kant, an Enlightenment Philosopher, and credited with being the greatest Philosopher since Aristotle, postulated that there are two different categories of “Imperatives”.  There are “Categorical Imperatives” and “Hypothetical Imperatives”. “Categorical imperatives” are what one does because they know it is the right thing to do.  Kant reasons that there is only one “Categorical Imperative”, ”Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.” (A maxim is a personal rule that someone might follow in his or her life, such as “Always pay your debts”).[x]   This thought has been presented in different ways.  “Do that which you would have all mankind do”, “In choosing for himself he chooses for all men”, “In fashioning myself I fashion man”, Sartre.[xi]  “Do to others as you would have them do to you”, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”, The Savior, aka Jesus.[xii]

Kant and Paul on Maturing to a “self-reliant and responsible adult”:

Kant: The guiding metaphor of Kant’s Enlightenment is that of leaving behind one’s childhood and dependency, and of becoming a self-reliant and responsible adult. As a minor one cannot help being guided and shaped by precepts and directives that come from established traditions and authorities outside. A child has yet to learn how to think for himself or herself. At the point of reaching adulthood, however, a person has to consciously come to terms with guidance from without. Passively accepting the rules and norms of one’s youth will not do, according to Kant; doing so would amount to remaining a mental minor. A mature individual has to critically reflect on what is offered as moral, and decide on the basis of his or her own analyses whether an established morality is actually valid or not. Only moral idiots— people who have failed to inform themselves and critically think about relevant pros and cons–would leave such important decisions to others or to chance[xiii].

Paul: Love never fails. But where there ae prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away, now we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.  When I was a child, I talked like a child; I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.  When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.  Now we see but a poor reflection; then we shall see face to face, now I know in part; then I shall know full, even as I am fully known[xiv].

Paul and Kant agree that one must first become a “self-reliant and responsible adult” (Enlightened) before they can become autonomous and make decisions for themselves rather than being directed by others.  When does one obtain this maturity?  The Jewish tradition specifies the age of twelve as when a boy becomes a man.   In the USA we legislate that when the age of eighteen is obtained the minor becomes an adult.  Researchers state that the Homo Saipan’s brain is not fully developed until the age of about twenty-three is obtained.  The USA does not allow anyone the Presidency, of the USA, until the age of thirty-five is obtained.  But Kant clearly states that one can remain a “Mental Minor” for life!

The Savior, aka Jesus, sent us his Personal Counselor to help us make decisions for ourselves.  Therefore, “Mental Maturity” (Enlightenment) could be obtained by one accepting this “Personal Counselor” as their life’s guide.   The present popular definition of some protestant churches is that one “Accept Jesus as their personal Savior”.   This may be counterproductive as it puts a religious bent on something that is more likely science that we do not yet understand; religions which are the basses of most past worshiped objects, the sun, moon, stars, idols of all kinds, people, rulers etc.  Most of these religious objects have been since explained by science.  Is there a conflict of “Mental Maturity” and receiving this “Personal Counselor” that was sent to us by The Savior, aka Jesus?  At what point in one’s life can “Mental Maturity” be obtained?

Brain science is still in its infancy; the president of the USA has even allotted funding for “Brain Research”.  We don’t know how this communication with the “Personal Counselor” that was sent to us by The Savior, aka Jesus, works, but it is evident from the writings that one should go to a quiet place like a closet, supposedly to get rid of the “Brain Noise”[xv].   “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen[xvi], The Savior also stated that this “Personal Counselor” would tell us what to say.  “When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.”[xvii]   This has been observed when in confrontations with adversaries that messages of what to say are heard as guidance of how to proceed with the confrontation.[xviii]   “Where to go messages” have been received that led to interesting circumstances.[xix]

Hypothetical Imperative:

A “Hypothetical Imperative” is something one does because there is a reward for following the “Imperative(s)”.  The “Ten Imperatives” that were given to this new forming nation (Israel) were “Hypothetical Imperatives”.  The reward for following “Obeying” these “Ten Imperatives” is contained in the Imperatives themselves “That you might live long in the land that I am giving you”.

Modernizing these “Ten Imperatives” so that they apply to the USA, our nation, is as follows Exodus 20 NIV version:

  1. “You shall have no other gods before me”:
    The one giving them this land is their Father in Heaven. Would a parent tell their children to find someone else to listen to and have them take care of their children?  Not a chance, the parent will tell their children to listen to them and they will take care of their own children.
  2. “You shall not make yourselves an idol”:
    An idol is anything that is control of your life. It can be alcohol, drugs, sex, and beliefs and yes religion.  All of which add to the economic inefficiency of our nation.
  3. “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God:
    This is an action item not a verbal item. It has been interpreted as the latter for centuries and people have been accused of sinning against God or being disrespectful of God and suffered the consequence of the actions of the accusers.  Do not take an action against anyone that will cause them discomfort, suffering or even death in the name of doing it for God.  This is misusing the name of the “Lord your God”.

    This applies to the nation as well as to individuals that make up that nation.  We can defend our nation against outside threats, we can launch offensive maneuvers in that defense, but we cannot have the objective of eliminating an outside threat by removing them from this planet. Once the threat is neutralized we stop our offensive maneuvers and help to rebuild what we may have destroyed in the process of eliminating the threat to our nation.  This applies to individuals and removing threats to them as well, and it applies to our police forces that are to maintain order in our nation.

  4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy:
    “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath”, The Savior aka Jesus. There is not much argument against we Homo Sapiens needing a day of rest to recharge our bodies and have time for those much needed social interactions with others of our same interests.  There are exceptions like the Photographer Ansel Adams who never took a day off in his life, but his work was also his hobby, so it could be said that Ansel Adams never worked a day in his life.  Sometimes people get energized by doing what would look like work, but in reality is their passion.

    Around the time these imperatives were being given to this new nation (Israel), there existed a Metric Week, a ten day cycle of the week.  This new nation (Israel) ended up with a seven day week with a one day Sabbath.  It could be that the Metric Week disappeared because those who practiced it died from overwork!

  5. Honor thy Father and thy Mother that you might live long in this land I am giving you:
    We do not enter into this would with a blank slate, but with the innate knowledge and the environmental knowledge that we receive from our Father and our Mother. By honoring what our parents have given us, the generations will advance in innate knowledge.  President Theodore Roosevelt made notice of this phenomenon, but regretted making it public, as it made him appear as if he was belittling some of our citizens, but he was just stated the facts in a rather abrupt fashion.
  6. You shall not murder:
    Murder eliminates a citizen and hurts and eliminates the murder as well, as neither can now contribute to the economy of the nation and will even cause a national economic inefficiency.
  7. You shall not steal:
    Crime means the nation must provide protection against crime in the form of policeman boots on the ground, crime investigators, courts, prisons etc. all of these are detrimental to the economic operating efficiency of the nation. The Savior, aka Jesus, taught us how to get what we need in life from our Father in Heaven.
  8. You shall not give false witness against thy neighbor:
    Using the police and courts to gain revenge against a neighbor or ex, as it may be, will add cost the nation in productivity and contribute to a low National Economic Operating Efficiency which contribute to the national debt.
  9. You shall not commit adultery:
    There is evidence that “sins of the father” will be passed down to the fourth and fifth generation. “It is the wife’s concern to keep the family fortune intact.”[xx]  It is better that a husband or wife does not have to make this decision because of adultery.   Once the family fortune, no matter how large or small, is divided, it will have a negative effect on the children and the nation, as the losses must be made up by other citizens in the form of “Safety Nets” and the children will miss out on much environmental knowledge and the generations that follow will be effected adding to the nations national debt.
  10. You shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife or house:
    This is the politically right thing to do, and will improve the relations with our neighbors and make our neighbors feel safe within their homes.  Losing a wife or house (shelter) will be devastating to this family and contribute to the nation’s inefficiency and add to the national debt.


Moving the Church Forward:

Old time ships and even modern boats have two important components; “Rowers” and “Anchors”.  The Rowers can be compared to the “Progressives” and the Anchors compared to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    the “Traditionalist”.   Progressives move an organization forward the Traditionalist hold the organization back.  Both are important to the progress of the organization.  In storms the anchor can be used to keep the bow into the wind, riding the waves safely.  In calmer weather the rowers can move the organization forward.   Both the Progressives and the Traditionalist are important for progress, but if one or the other says “I’m in charge” of the organization, the organization is dysfunctional and will not accomplish its mission here on this earth.

This is true in today’s churches, there is a great desire in churches to keep things as they are and always have been, in fact progressives can be accused of violating all sorts of church theology.  They can be accused of being an enemy of the church and suffer all sorts of sanctions applied by the church leaders. A new paradigm in a church has as much chance of success as an ice cube has in warming up a glass of ice tea!

The churches are known as “The Existing Paradigm” and the Progressives as “The New Paradigm”.  The Savior, aka Jesus, created a “New Paradigm” in our relationship with our Father in Heaven. “The Existing Paradigm”, Jewish traditionalist leadership, represented by the Sanhedrin, charged him with claiming to be “The Son of God” and convinced the Romans to nail him to a cross until dead.  The Apostle Paul received his mission to take “The Gospel” to the Gentiles (Non Jewish) but tried to bring the “New Paradigm” to his Jewish compatriots, “The Existing Paradigm”, and they tried to kill him also.   Paul had better luck with the Gentiles that did not have an “Existing Paradigm” in this area of thought and therefore had nothing against which to defend their “Existing Paradigm”.

The present day churches are in the same position as the Jewish traditionalist, they want to defend their “Existing Paradigm” against the “New Paradigm”.  As history has shown us this is the way of all “New Paradigms” they will find much resistance from those of the “Existing Paradigm” especially those who have a financial interest in the “Existing Paradigm”.

Are we stuck in our religious ways or is there a way forward so that we can increase our National Economic Operating Efficiency and lower our national debt?  Stay tuned for the next episode on Religion, a national crises.

To be continued.

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