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We Got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, it starts with ‘R’ and that stands for “Rats” Ver. 1.0.1

“The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter”, Retired


Rats need a place to live too. We have a tendency to try and exterminate all the rats in the world, but they just seem to proliferate and find places to reside that makes us feel uncomfortable, if not threated. The solution to this “rat problem” is not as complicated as one might think. The solution – as is the solution in most cases – is given in Mathew 5:25 (or Mat 5:52 for the math majors). That message, from The Savior, a.k.a. Jesus, is to “Negotiate a Workable Compromise.” True, he is talking about being taken to court for a debt, but is this not the same as having one’s present situation threatened by an adversary? People do not “Negotiate a Workable Compromise” as long as they think they have total power over the situation at hand. It is only when their present position is threatened to be compromised do they come to the “negotiating table.” This has been true of all USA adversaries in the past and it is still true of our adversaries in this early 21st century.

We have a very mature ivy hedge about seven feet tall and vines up to three inches in diameter. It fills up with dead leaves and debris from surrounding trees and those left behind from trimming the hedge. We also live within a couple blocks of the Arroyo, where wildlife abounds, including but not limited to: rats, skunks and possums. When the winter cold months set in, hitting in the low 20s on occasion, the rats like to find a warmer place to reside. They like this mature hedge, as it is protected from the wind and between two houses is a little warmer, making it a nice place for them to raise their families and stay protected from the roaming cats. My partner insists on removing this matured hedge to get rid of the rats. I need to remind her that the rats are not coming into her apartment, in the attic, under the house, in the garage or into our studio. They have a place and we know where they are living.

The USA has become aware of a new nest of rats. Let’s call them ISIS or ISIL. I think “rats” is a better word than “terrorists,” as our President likes to refer to them. Terrorists have no right to live on this planet, but somehow rats at least do provide a positive function and are at best a nuisance. If we were to think of ISIS or ISIL as rats, than they just need a place to reside where they can raise their families with other rats of the same belief system. If we try to exterminate them, then they will likely proliferate and choose to reside in places that can be a real nuisance to the USA. If both the rats and the USA and its allies believe they have total power of this situation, than there will be no one at the negotiating table.

How did this situation come about in the first place? In a nutshell, the USA has the military might to come to the rescue of other people in the world who appear repressed. We came to the
rescue of the Iraqi people, who were being ruled over by a “Hard-Handed Dictator” of a ruling sect of their religion. The USA did so for our usual reasons – that “it was to protect the interests of the USA.” The USA overthrew and eliminated the Hard-Handed Dictator of the sect in power. We installed our own “Puppet Dictator Prime Minister” of a different sect of their religion. We disassembled the army of the old ruling sect and replaced it with an untrained army of the new sect, only the army of the ruling sect disassembled, bringing their weapons home with them. The Puppet Dictator Prime Minister turned out to be as discriminated as the old Hard-Handed Dictator in regard to his sect and began persecuting those of the old ruling sect, putting their people out of jobs and professions they held during the previous regime. Those of the now displaced sect banded together and formed their own revolution against the Puppet State the USA had created in Iraq.

This new revolution, now known as ISIS or ISIL, has gained control of territory in Syria and Iraq. ISIS and ISIL is no match in military might against the USA or it allies. They began to send messages out that they do not want the USA or its allies to interfere with their revolution against the now oppression regime in Iraq. Their messages are met with outrage in the USA and now in its allied nations, and all are out to exterminate the “rats.” All the rats want is a place to raise their families with other rats of a common belief system, free of persecution from the ruling Puppet Regime.

The label of “terrorists” is preventing the USA from negotiating with these rats, because the USA does not negotiate with terrorists. The USA is on an “Extermination Mission.” The USA has never been on an extermination mission before; our objective has always been to neutralize the adversary, bring them to the negotiating table or eliminate the existing regime and rebuild that adversaries’ nation. In the case of ISIS or ISIL, there is no existing nation to rebuild; the rats do not have a home.

This situation leads to an obvious solution to this the ISIS or ISIL problem. Give the rats a home. Carve out some real-estate, similar to what the UN did with Israel after WWII, and give them a home so they can raise their families and live with other rats of a common belief system. The alternatives will cost the USA greatly in lives and dollars.