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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, It Starts with “O” and that Stands for Oxytocin

Oxytocin the Survival of the Species Hormone

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

March 31, 2013

Our ancestors new better than to put a woman on a ship, they knew that with a female on board the male sailors would start to tear into each other.  This is commonly called “The Rooter Effect”, when a hen is introduced into the “Rooster House” the Roosters start attacking each other.   Oxytocin sometimes referred to as “The Love Hormone” is also responsible for the survival of our species, hence the term “The Survival of the Species Hormone”.  This hormone’s purpose is to ensure the survival of the species by enabling two members of the Homo Sapiens species to overcome all barriers, real and personal, that separate them and propagate the species.  From my own personal experimentation, in the field, I have determined that oxytocin is excreted by the brain when members of the opposite sex lock in eye contact.  The effect of the oxytocin will convince the two that what they are doing is the right thing to do and further intellectual thought is usually not possible.  The oxytocin hormone will actually cause great discomfort in the two Homo Sapiens and the solution to this discomfort is to come together as one and this could take place over time (“sleepless nights”, “a man with a problem”).

We have put our young citizens at the forefront of our battle lines in combat in “Mixed Company”.  Putting them in “harm’s way” where they need their senses to operate at their peak performance.   I am sure that I am not the only male whose brain is affected by a female and even worst by the “good looking females” (my personal choice), age should make a difference but that seems only to affect ability and not desire.  In any case my senses are definitely affected by women and I would not want to be in harm’s way with my brain in this condition.  Knowledge of how oxytocin is created by the brain and its effects on our actions should certainly help our young combatants to overcome the effects of the oxytocin hormone, but I think more than education is required.

It should be noted that one of our prominent generals became involved physically with his biographer when they were working in close quarters with each other.   If this situation is properly analyzed, I’m confident oxytocin will be at the center of this relationship.  If our top general cannot withstand the forces of oxytocin, how can we expect our twenty year olds in the military to withstand the forces of oxytocin?

It seems men want to serve their country for the duty of serving their country and the women want to serve their country to advance themselves (“we can do anything a man can do” as heard in my college Social Science class on this subject).  This may seem like an overstatement, but, if we look at this situation from the stand point of “Survival of the Species”, the male Homo Sapiens are concerned with protecting the colony, this is their duty, while the female Homo Sapiens are concerned with protecting themselves and their offspring, this is their duty.  This would lead the female Homo Sapiens to put themselves at the center focus of concern, while the male Homo Sapiens would put the colony at their focus of concern.

As a “Feedback Mechanism” of how our “Mixed Military” is working, we could use the number of “Sexual Assault” charges pending as an indicator.   I have noticed, from news reports, which states the number of “Sexual Assault” charges pending, in our military, now numbered in the high hundreds or even thousands of cases.  This is clear evidence that our current policy of a “Mixed Military” is dysfunctional.

What can possibly be a solution to this dilemma that we find ourselves?  We have solved the issue of “Mixed Military” in the past by creating “Separate but Equal” military divisions.  Do we have enough female Homo Sapiens, of proper training, to form their own military divisions?  Do we have enough female Homo Sapiens, of proper training, to give them their own ships, aircraft, armor?  If we do, than “Separate but Equal Military” could possibly work for us.

I’m sure with our present policy of “Mixed Military” Al-Qaeda and the Taliban or the North Koreans or any other nation or entity are sitting back laughing at us knowing that they only need to keep us busy while we destroy ourselves.