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Restructuring of Medicare for a Smaller Government Ver. 1.0
The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter
February 16, 2014

Merge Medicare into the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) or better yet have a non-profit organization take over the management of Medicare by issuing contracts with private health care insurance providers though a bidding process. The government does not need two separate entities in the Health Care business. Besides, there are a growing number of private physicians, especially in this Tri-Valley that don’t accept Medicare Patients.
There is a caveat with Physicians being able to keep their doors open with the low pay that both Medicare and the AHCA provide not to mention the increased paper work to deal with Medicare. Supplemental health insurance can be purchased to make up for the low pay of Medicare, but the Physicians must accept Medicare to use the supplemental insurance.

The Negatives of the exiting Medicare:
1. There is much fraud and abuse of Medicare, by Physicians and impostor Healthcare Providers. Some Physicians advise procedures that are not necessary and for their own personal profit. Some Healthcare Providers are a one person office with a telephone and billing address.
2. A growing number of Physicians are declining Medicare patients, why they are doing this are up for discussion.
3. Medicare sends out letters to Physicians offices threatening them with expensive sanctions if they do not comply with Medicare paperwork (personal experience).
4. It is often heard “Medicare will cover this expense” so no cost to the patient.
5. High overhead. The Healthcare system would be better served by a non-profit organization receiving a subsidy from the federal government to manage the health care benefits of Medicare by contracts to private insurance companies who would submit bids for the privilege of providing Healthcare to those who qualify for the benefit.