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Public Blog: Assault Weapons, Thread: ver. 1.0.0

In old England every male, who had attained the required age, was required to own and know how to use a Long Bow.  The Long Bow was the very basses of England’s National Defense.  In the USA the AR15 has replaced the Long Bow as the bases of civilians being ready to defend our country against intruders.  The Second Amendment to the Constitution, of the USA, states we can also bear arms against an oppressive government.  This is the reason all male citizens should own and know how to use an assault weapon like the AR15.   Ammunition of useable capacity should be made available to the citizens.   AR15’s are not meant to be hunting rifles, they are part of the national security of the USA and limiting the size of ammunition clips is counterproductive to our national defense.

One major difference between a Long Bow and an AR15 is its use by those not qualified to use the weapon for the purposes for which it is intended.   Therefore, it is important that the responsible citizens of the USA protect this Assault Weapon from being misused.   This usually results in the weapon owner to purchase and use a “Gun Safe”, “Metal Locking Gun Cabinet” and or “Trigger Locks”.  Without these safe guards, the general public can come at risk from a misused assault weapon.

For personal protection at home from intruders, the handgun, shot gun or baseball bat are common choices.  If the handgun is chosen, it should be loaded and kept in a locked handgun safe with easy access by the gun owner and no one else.  It takes a few minutes for our brains to activate, on being awaken suddenly, and gun owners shooting someone they are personally close to is common.  The short time it takes to remove a loaded handgun from a locked handgun safe allows the brain to wake up and could prevent a gun owner from shooting someone they know.

The shotgun could have rounds in the clip but not chambered.  Pushing all the right buttons or removing a trigger lock, to chamber a round, would give the brain time to wake up.  Plus the sound of a round being chambered could be enough to alert the intruder that they should leave the premises.

The accuracy of the shotgun at longer ranges than what is encountered in a home is a moot point.   At close range, as encountered in a home, accuracy is not an issue as shooting from the hip would certainly provide enough accuracy to neutralize the intruder.

If a gun owner follows the retreating intruder out of the house, they should be behind fenced–in-property that prevents the general public from access.  Once the threat has been neutralized, that is the end of the legal use of that firearm.   If a gun owner follows a retreating intruder and shoots at a retreating intruder, they could very well be convicted of a crime, as their lives are no longer in danger of an immediate threat.  The result would depend on what state the incident took place as different states have different laws regarding “Immediate threat to one’s life”.  Therefore the accuracy of a shotgun at long ranges is a moot point.

In most cases the baseball bat is the best choice for personal protection; it has less complications of safety to the public.

We Got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right Here in the USA, It Starts with “S” and that Sands for Single Mothers Rearing Sons

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

April 4, 2013

We have a national crisis on our hands and it involves “Single Parent Mothers” Rearing their Sons as their “Significant Other”.   When a Single Mother treats her son as her “Significant Other” they are not adding discipline to the parenting mix, but instead give them anything they want to win their approval.  This is not parenting; this is a “Dysfunctional Family”. 

A few cases have hit the News Headlines one in which the mother bought guns for her young son and let him program himself with violence playing “violent Video Games”, unsupervised.  Sons reared under these circumstances are receiving little or no supervision from their Fathers.  We have seen the results, many dead school children shot by this “Dysfunctional Family”, yes that is correct, by this “Dysfunctional Family” not just the Son who did the actual shooting, but the whole “Dysfunctional Family”.

We now have State and the Federal officials going after “Gun Control” when they have failed to identify the correct problem “Single Mothers Rearing Sons” as their “Significant Other”.  This is a “Social Problem” not a “Gun Problem”.

I have witnessed this phenomenon of a “Single Parent Mother” Rearing her Son as her “Significant Other”.   I even witnessed her buying her ten year old Son a small caliber rifle, why?  Because he wanted a rifle and she wanted his approval. 

We have a national crisis on our hands and it is not about guns, it is about parenting.



Web thread: Teachers Carrying Guns with Protective Vests

February 17, 2013

An Open Letter:

To: Senator Feinstein/ Author Banning Assault Weapons
Re: Shooters on Campus
Reference: The Local New Paper, February 14, 2013

Note: The names were changed to protect the innocent

Local College, Hometown, Home state, USA:  “On February 6, 2013, emergency management expert, “Bill Murray” (The name was changed to protect the innocent &interject humor), led a training session designed to educate administrators, instructors and students on how to prepare for an active shooter on campus.  These are his concluding statements “If there is a path to get out, take it immediately” …..” if escape is not possible, hide…. Hide out, find a place concealed from the shooter’s view, one that will provide some measure of protection.  Lock and barricade the door turn off all lights and close any blinds.  ….do not huddle together…..  Finally, if it’s determined there is no other option than to take out the shooter, be prepared to do whatever is necessary to neutralize the threat, either by disrupting his actions or incapacitating him.  Throw books, backpacks or chairs, yell or use improvised weapons

Comments by the nation’s Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

  1. The last time I was in a college classroom there was a teacher’s desk and student chairs in the room.  “Take cover out of sight and don’t huddle together”?  Where?
  2. “Neutralize the threat, either by disrupting his actions or incapacitating him. Throw books, backpacks or chairs, yell or use improved weapons.”?   I hope I am not the only one who can see how erroneous this instruction is.  The old saw, “don’t take a knife to a gun fight” rings a bell.  Now they want the students to bring a book, backpack, chair or improvised weapon to a gun fight!!  This is good material for a stand-up Comedian!
  3. Arming and training the teachers in the use of a weapon is the correct response to these threats on campuses.   Just the public knowledge that the teachers are armed will no doubt prevent a shooter from entering a campus and if he does the teachers are prepared to “neutralize the threat” with a real weapon, not an improvised weapon. 



The Philosopher on Politics

Safe and Sane Gun Control II

January 1, 2013

The recent events of mass killings involving guns and assault rifles are driving the political forces to invoke more gun control measures.  It would be more effective to meet fire power with fire power.   It would be more advisable to do what can be done than try and do what cannot be accomplished.   Restricting regulations on guns will not solve the issue, there will always be away around the regulations and the regulations would only affect law abiding citizens.  When my son was traveling in Israel a few years ago during times of turmoil, I asked him if he felt safe in Israel, he said “I feel s safe because guns are made readily available should they be needed.”

Instead of more gun legislation we should do the following to protect our children while in school:

  1. Arm and train all teachers in gun safety and provide them with a flak jacket.  Just the public knowledge alone that the teachers are “Carrying” will prevent assaults on our schools.  The teachers will have the ability to protect our children where the “Rubber Meets the Road.”
  2. Educate and create legislation to make gun owners secure their weapons by using Gun Safes, Locking Gun Cabinets, and Trigger Lockout devices.  If the law abiding citizens do not lock up their weapons a fines and Impounding of their guns would be appropriate actions to motivate the citizens to “Lock up Their Guns.”
  3. Every gun owner would be required to register their handguns and take a “Handgun Safety Course”, from an authorized service organization, every five years, just like a “Driver’s License”. Failure to do so would be justification for a warning and or impoundment of their weapons.  If our law abiding citizens are to have the right to “Keep and Bear Arms”, then they should do so in a way that does not endanger the public at large. 
  4. All States to have a Data Base created to keep track of who is up-to-date on their Gun Safety Certificates and who needs to “Re-Qualify”.   A small step to increase the safety of the general public.  The “Gun Safety Certificates would be treated the same as a “Driver’s License.”  No Current “Driver’s License” no drive, no current “Gun Safety Certificate” no gun.  
  5. No gun should be sold without proof of the ability to store the gun in a locked storage device “Gun Safes, Gun Vaults, Locking Metal Gun Cabinets and Trigger Locks”.  Proof of ownership, typically by a sales receipt.

The Philosopher on Politics

Safe and Sane Gun Control

  1. 1.       There are only two reasons to own an Assault Weapon, to overthrow a Tyrannical Government or to support the present government in our right to bear arms to protect our freedom against external forces.  We have not since the War of 1812 or our own Civil War had to fight for our freedom on our own territory.  This period of grace has come to an end; the turmoil of the world has reached our shores.  Therefore, the Citizens of the USA have the right to own Assault Weapons and these Assault Weapons should not be registered with the existing government in power.   However, an Assault Weapon should only be sold to an individual who can provide prove they have the means to safely store the weapon in a secure Gun Vault, Metal Locking Gun Cabinets and Trigger Locks.   This proof of storage safety would typically be evidenced by a Sales Receipt.
  2. Handguns on the other hand are for home and personal protection and should be registered with the State in which the gun will reside.   A Handgun should only be sold to an individual of responsible character and who can provide proof they can store the handgun securely in a Gun Vault, Metal Locking Gun Cabinet and /or Trigger Locks.  A Certificate of Handgun Safety from an authorized service organizations must be obtained before the purchase of a Handgun.  The Certificate of Handgun Safety must be renewed every five years similar to a driver’s license; the right to drive is commensurate with having a Driver’s License, the right to own a Handgun is commensurate with having a current Certificate of Handgun Safety.   
  3. The state government should be the responsible entity to maintain a data base on the Certificate of Handgun Safety and who are delinquent in keeping their Certificate of Handgun Safety current.   A warning from the State to a delinquent Handgun Safety Certificate owner and after three warnings, impounding of the Handgun and an appropriate fine should encourage our citizens, to keep current the right to own a Handgun.

I believe the above statement is the responsible way to manage Gun Control in the USA.