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We’ve Got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, it starts with “F” and that stands for Forest Fires Ver. 1.2.2

September 2, 2014

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter 

Personal Knowledge on Forest Fire Management: 

A ground fire on the forest floor has restricted air flow due to the drag from the surrounding trees and vegetation, the foliage on the trees is not destroyed and the natural fuel on the forest floor is removed without destroying the forest.   If the natural fuel is allowed to accumulate on the forest floor the fire gains enough energy to climb to the crown of the trees where the air flow to the fire is unrestricted.  The fire will generate its own wind and suck in the oxygen to make it an extremely hot fire that will destroy all the foliage on the trees and the trees will die as a result.  

We seem to be very good at “Shooting Ourselves in the Foot”.   The core problem is; we allow people to build their homes in the forest.  Then when a fire is started by a lightning strike, there is a huge amount of political pressure on the Fire Fighters to go and put the fire out to protect these homes build in the forest, the forest floor builds up with natural fuel and when a fire gets free, it climbs into the crown of the trees and the wind pushes it along rapidly destroying the vegetation and the forest, the fire actually creates its own wind.    


 “Build at Your Own Risk”.   When a fire gets started by a lightning strike, let it burn out.  This is good forest management.    Some seeds are released to the earth by the heat of the fire, so the forest will replant itself.  

Natural Forest Management: 

Once a fire has burned and cleared a section of land, that land should be designated as a “Free Fire Zone” “Built at your own risk”.  No firefighting effort will be dispatched to that section as it is under the natural forest management of nature.  At the present time the Forest Service cleans an area of downed fuel and burns it in a pile when weather conditions are right.  This does not return the nutrients back to the forest floor and releases burn products into the atmosphere.  

Mandatory Service to the Country for all Adult Citizens Provides Labor Resources:

Mandating a two year minimum “Service to Our Country” for all adults the military Army, Peace Core or Forest Service, would make manpower available in the Forest Service to clean the forest floor of accumulated fuel, run the fuel through a chipper/mulcher and return the mulch back to the forest floor.   As each Section (one square mile) is cleared that section would be designated a “Free Fire Zone” and no firefighting equipment or manpower will be dispatched to extinguish a fire in that section in the future.  That Section would be under natural fire management.  If necessary, fire breaks could be established between neighboring Sections until all the Sections have been cleared of natural fuel that has accumulated on the forest floor. 

All adult citizens entering “Service to Our Country” would be required to take the “Enlistment Oath” to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and abide by same.  There is no time limit on this oath.  Exception to the mandatory “Service to Our Country” would be given to four year service in one of the volunteer services, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard etc., college deferments would be made available but does not exempt an adult citizen form “Service to Our Country”.  

It is important that the “Playing Field” be level in regard to “Service to Our Country” by requiring all adult citizens to participate.  The civilian workforce often uses “Seniority” to make business decisions; therefore, all citizens should be required to expend two years of their time to “Service to Our Country” to avoid anyone from being disadvantaged in the civilian workforce.   

The Results of Mandatory “Service to Our Country”:

  • There will be fewer “Policeman’s boots on the ground” to mitigate resulting social issues from citizens not under oath to abide by the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • There will be fewer homeless veterans of “Service to Our Country” as all will be treated equally in the workplace.
  • There will be manpower available in the Forest Service to clean up our forest floors and remove the danger of “Crown Fires” that destroy our forests.
  • There will be manpower to address foreign relations and issues through the Peace Corps.
  • There will be more volunteers to the Air Force, Navy, National Guard, Marines, etc. where citizens can receive training that will benefit them in the civilian workplace after completing service.
  • There will be Veteran Benefits available to those who serve in “Service to Our Country” for college education and low interest loans to buy their first homes.
  • There will be more responsible citizens who are under oath to abide by the Constitution of the USA.