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(The Love Hormone)

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Oxytocin is a hold-over from ancient man when life was a lot simpler than it is today; it is similar in this regard to the “Fight or Flight” response that was needed when man faced the tigers. It was useful when we were an agrarian society bringing couples together to produce workers to keep the farm and species going, certainly necessary for their survival as agrarians.  Oxytocin (The Love Hormone) was meant to bring two people close together and propagate the earth.  Oxytocin, in our modern society is out-dated in that our citizens now need much more education than did the ancient or agrarian man.  In our more advanced society our young citizens may likely follow the desires of this hormone and come together and propagate, then when the Oxytocin wears off, they are not sure who or why they hooked up with each other and our society ends up with another single parent mother and two undereducated citizens.  It would be an improvement for our society if our young citizens could make intellectual choices for their life mate, this means moving past the power of Oxytocin and make decisions based or rational, objective, critical reasoning skills.


This is only theory at this point. However, making an agreement to strictly cuddle and put strict boundaries on activities that would produce more Oxytocin such as kissing or sexual activities of any kind should allow the Oxytocin to subside and cooler heads would prevail to make life’s decisions with rational, objective, critical reasoning skills.  The essence behind this theory is that the Oxytocin hormone will think it has done its function of bringing the two individuals together as one.  This will no doubt require skin to skin contact of the upper torso to make the hormone believe the two are truly connected.   The objective is to learn how to be close without the brain excreting the Oxytocin hormone.  How long this process will take is anybody’s guess.  There is one Caveat in this theory; I believe I am correct in stating the human brain is not fully developed until about age twenty-three.  Therefore, this would indicate that a person younger than twenty-three years old may not be capable of rational, objective, critical decision making.

Who have We Elected as President? 

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

With our president accepting the resignation of the finest general and administrator that this country has seen in a long time, I am wondering who is President, the President or his media image.  As General George Patton said “Generals are not made, they are born), do we really have the time to wait for another General like General Petraeus to be born, grow up and train to be a great General?  Oxytocin (the love hormone) does not skip over Generals, and has been the cause of men doing stupid things with women for centuries.  If it were not for Oxytocin men and women might not ever get together and propagate the earth for it is Oxytocin that enables the two to overcome boundaries and get together. What most people think is love is actually a chemical secreted by the brain called oxytocin, Recent studies have begun to investigate oxytocin’s role in various behaviors, including orgasm, social recognition, pair bonding, anxiety, and maternal behaviors.[1] For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone”. this chemical lowers the fear boundaries between two adults and allows them to come closer and overcome barriers that would otherwise keep them apart, (

Do I need to list all of the great leaders that got caught up in Oxytocin’s power to confuse the mind and cause men and women to take actions toward each other that they would not do otherwise?  Oxytocin is secreted from the brain is triggered by intense eye contact between the opposite sexes and other closer contact between them. In close quarters as with a subject and author, the setting is right for this type of interaction.  General Petraeus did the honorable action when he tendered his resignation to the President, as he serves at the pleasure of the President, but did the President make the right choice to accept his resignation or was this action meant to enhance the President’s image in the media.

The list of great leaders that came under the power of Oxytocin and had relations with the opposite sex outside of their marriage vows should include:

King David and Bathsheba of ancient Jewish history, King David even ordered his general to attack the enemy with Bathsheba’s husband up front and then ordered his General to withdraw his support.  Of course her husband was killed. King David is still honored as their greatest General.

FDR and his alleged female roommate?

JFK and Marilyn Monroe?

Eisenhower and his female driver during WWII?


The biggest difference in these examples and General Petraeus is the news Media coverage and a President still trying to win the approval of the nation through the news Media.  The dichotomy of the News Rooms has progressively changed since about 1970 and the progression from reporting the real news to reporting gossip has progressed with this change in dichotomy.  As John Adams put it “Keep the conversation about things, not people”.