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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right Here in the USA, it starts with ‘E’ and that stands for “Elitism” Ver. 1.0.1
“The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter”, Retired

Elitism, in the context of education, is the practice of concentrating attention on or allocating funding to the best students, or those students who rank highest in a particular field of endeavor. For example, a politician who promotes advanced classes for students deemed to be highly intelligent might be accused of elitism, even if this were argued to promote an egalitarian goal, such as curing disease. Elitism in education could be based on conventional assessment of learning ability, knowledge or other abilities. However, an “elite” school can also mean a school for the wealthy or one that is difficult to enter.i

As we send more and more of our children to college, the “elite” continues to grow. Those from elite colleges tend to look down at those from other colleges those of the “sub-elite” (not of the same quality as themselves). Those from schools based on 18-week semesters look at those from colleges with abbreviated semesters or shorter terms sub-elite. The elite are the ones doing the hiring, and those who completed their education at an abbreviated semester or terms college may not get hired into an organization controlled by members of the elite.

The USA is funding its veterans to go to a college of their choosing. Many of these veterans are choosing the fast route, getting their degrees at an abbreviated semester college. When they graduate from these colleges, meeting all of the college requirements for their certification, they are finding little support from the elite controlled organizations to put them in a commensurate positions that these shortcut degrees claim they are qualified. This is costing the taxpayers about $50,000 per veteran when the veteran is unable to find employment with their shortcut degrees.

Is this the fault of the colleges offering a degree in an accelerated manor, or has our society become a society controlled by elitism and not hiring these veterans with abbreviated semester graduates? As we send more and more of our children to college, are we creating this elitism in our Society? There is no way to determine the fault for these veterans not being employed by the elite controlled organizations. This is a can of worms that we ourselves have created. “Pendulums swing wide”ii and then there is the “Peter Principle.”

The Peter Principle is a concept in management theory in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate’s performance in their current role rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and “managers rise to the level of their incompetence.”iii Maybe we are overeducating our citizens for jobs they are not capable of performing. President Barack Obama thinks the future job market will be for high tech positions, but are we capable of fulfilling these positions with our home-growing college graduates? Or are we looking at importing college graduates from other countries to fill these future high tech positions? We were not all created equal. We are created with equal rights, but not created with equal abilities or with trainable skills. We can train dogs and chimpanzees, but they will still have the abilities and skill levels of dogs and chimpanzees. Canines have innate knowledge inherited from their ancestors; these natural abilities only require the opportunity for them to put these abilities into use. My canine was a natural herder. He was not trained to be a herder, but with every opportunity given to him to herd other animals, he did so with great expertise, nipping at their heels to drive them in the direction requested by their handler. Can we expect Homo sapiens to be any different? We were all created with innate skills and it is those skills that can be developed further to meet our national job needs. But to try and educate Homo sapiens in a specialty for which they have no natural skill could easily produce a nation of workers falling under the Peter Principle.

Our course the action should be to understand how “innate knowledge” is passed down through the generations resulting in “innate skills” in mammals, Homo sapiens and other spices. The lizard brain is probably the simplest brain to start with, as they seem to have the only the ability to forage, fight and reproduce. The subconscious mind is new territory in “Mind Science,” C. G. Jung being the first to focus on the subconscious mind in the early 20th century. Once the mechanisms for innate skills are known, this could be leveraged to enhance the innate skills of the Homo sapiens.

ii My Mother