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Change in the Commander-in-Chief of Our Armed Forces Ver. 1.2.0

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired
Copyright 2015

My personal experience with the President as the Commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces goes back to Lyndon B. Johnson and the Vietnam War. Since then and until this second decade of the twenty-first century, it is becoming obvious to some of us old timers that having the President serve as the sole Commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces (CCoAF) may have been a good idea to the Founding Fathers at the time of the founding of the United States of America (USA), but has outlived its usefulness in the changing world of this twenty-first century. i
At the formation of the USA, the President was elected by state representatives – not by the public – and therefore was isolated from public opinion. The states gave the vote to the public, and this put the President directly under the influence of public opinion which, in turn, is influenced by the news media.

There seems to be an agreement that the invasion of Iraq was the stupidest foreign policy the USA has enacted. This action has resulted in a minority religious group being disenfranchised from Iraq, their homeland, and resulted in the formation of ISIS to establish a place for them to call home on this planet.

Our CCoAF has chosen to activate our military forces against ISIS rather than negotiate a workable compromise with them and those in power in the region to establish a place they can call home on this planet. This has resulted in the USA deploying air attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Russians have responded with their own air support to Syria against ISIS. It now appears that ISIS has taken down a Russian civilian air carrier, resulting in the death of all 224 people on board this aircraft. ii Europe is being flooded with refugees from Syria who are trying to escape the carnage in their homeland. All these events are directly tied to the USA invasion of Iraq. “We may not like some of these people in charge of their country, but we need to leave them in power. It is no longer just the USA and the Russians with nuclear weapons; the world has changed.”iii

The USA represents the leadership of the Free World. When the USA employed air strikes against ISIS hard targets, ISIS responded with terror attacks on soft targets such a Paris concert halls, a busy restaurants, putting a bomb on an aircraft, etc. At the very core of these terror attacks is the inability to negotiate a workable compromise by our Commander-in-Chief. Has anyone asked the ISIS people what they want?

There are several causes of this lack of ability to negotiate a workable compromise; lack of training is at the top of the list. Some get exposure to negotiating compromises when they grow up with a close opposite sex sibling, but those who grow up without a sibling do not get any exposure to negotiating in their family of origin. Others with a same sex younger, close in age, sibling may, like the only child, grow accustomed to getting what they want.

The Ideal Military Action Committee

In this twenty-first century, the news media reports news and influences public opinion, and the public opinion influences the CCoAF to take action with our armed forces. This is an unacceptable arrangement for the use of force in foreign policy. The use of force will be met with an equal and opposite use of force. iv
The ideal committee for the CCoAF would be a committee of civilian, mature males (over fifty years of age) who could see the results and consequences of their actions and be removed from the influence of public opinion as the President was at the formation of the USA.

This would mean a totally independent committee like the Supreme Court or a Senate Committee. Members of the Senate Committee, as CCoAF, must have at least two remaining years in their term before re-election by the voting public. For the CCoAF committee to take action, there must be consensus agreed upon by the CCoAF. Action cannot be taken with a majority vote the CCoAF, but must be in consensus to take military action.


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