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The Philosopher


Impeachment or Resignation in the Best Interest of the Nation

 Ver. 1.0.2

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired


Copyright 2016


International Relations

On the subject of international relations, here is a quote from the Teacher of Teachers, the Representative of the Creator of the Universe, who visited this planet Earth two thousand years ago, on the importance of “negotiating a workable compromise”:  “Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king.  Will he not first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand?  If he is not able, he will send a delegation while the other is still a long way off and will ask for terms of peace.” Luke 14:31-32 NIV.

The History Resulting in ISIS-ISIL

The President of the USA had an opportunity to “negotiating a workable compromise” with the newly formed ISIS-ISIL, when the Sunni Muslims expressed a ligament complaint about being disenfranchised from Iraq by the puppet government and Prime Minister of Iraq, put into power by the USA when it overthrew the existing Sunni government.  The President instead stated, “I am going to put a coalition of nations together and defeat ISIS-ISIL.”

The President of the USA has initiated air strikes against ISIS-ISIL troops and “hard targets” in Iraq and Syria, and has conducted drone strikes to eliminate leaders of ISIS-ISIL. ISIS-ISIL was given the label “terrorist” to justify eliminating them from this planet Earth.  As ISIS-ISIL has responded with attacks against “soft targets,” the rhetoric has progressed from defeating ISIS-ISIL to genocide of this militant group of – yes – people.

The Unseen Forces

Sometimes it is not what you see that is important, but what you don’t see that can prove to be the demise of the attacking nation.  How many Sunni Islamic people are there are on this planet Earth?  Has it not been considered that this militant fraction of Islam is being supported by other unseen Sunni Muslims?  After all their complaints, that the USA was the cause of their being disenfranchised from their own country was a valid complaint.  Yes, maybe they expressed their anger at the USA and their desire for the USA to stay out of this conflict in a barbaric inappropriate way, but is the USA using appropriate measures to mitigate this situation by the use of the most powerful military force on planet Earth to eliminate ISIS-ISIL from this planet Earth?

The Christian Issue

As the President of the USA has acted against this militant group under the label of “Christian,” the President is representing the morals and mission of this country as Christian values.  Therefore, everyone in the world who wears the label of Christian is a target for this militant Islamic group as a “soft target”.  Because we live in the USA and the USA is considered a Christian nation, every person in the USA is wearing a target on their backs as a “soft target”.

ISIS-ISIL has demonstrated their ability to hit “soft targets” and have left numerous individuals dead and wounded in the streets of Paris, Brussels, and California, and have brought down a civilian Russian airplane killing hundreds of individuals.  They are advancing in their technology and stealth operations, they are using effective  propaganda on the Internet, recruiting fighters with their global JIHAD mission and are advancing in all areas over this planet Earth.

A New Direction for the USA

We all make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes cause even larger mistakes until the process ends in the demise of those making the mistakes.  Sometimes people have been groomed from birth to think they can have everything they want, and when they get into a power position like the President of the USA, this grooming of getting what they want continues.

Learning to “negotiate a workable compromise” begins in the family of origin.  One needs to grow up negotiating with their siblings and sharing with their siblings.  Those who miss out on this early training do not develop the skill to “negotiating a workable compromise”.    Unless an intervention takes place in adulthood and intensive training in the skill of “negotiating a workable compromise” is accomplished, they will go to their grave lacking this simple skill that could have saved countless lives.

Remove and Replace the President of the USA

It will do little good to replace our President with another President who also did not develop this skill of “negotiating a workable compromise”. (Note the key word “workable” for negotiating compromises that result in “I win, you lose” does not work for all concerned, and is therefore not workable.)  The field of candidates for the President of the USA and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces does not look promising for experienced “negotiators of a workable compromise”.

The Nest Step to Obtain Peace on Planet Earth

There is a way forward that does appear to hold promise. The scenario is that the House of Representatives and the Senate confront the President of the USA with the option of being impeached or resigning.  A voluntary resignation of the President in the best interest of the nation would result in the Vice President assuming the duties of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, making a strong statement that the USA is changing directions in regard to ISIS-ISIL. This Vice President appears to have significant experience in “negotiating workable compromises” in the Senate and in his family of origin.  “Biden was instead a leading advocate for dividing Iraq into a loose federation of three ethnic states.[i] This is certainly a first step in “negotiating a workable compromise”.

The new President would have a few months to “negotiating a workable compromise” with the leaders of Iraq and Syria to find a homeland for ISIS-ISIL, with concessions from ISIS-ISIL to cease and desist from attacking “soft targets” everywhere on planet Earth.  If the new President can accomplish this task before the election of another candidate to the office of President of the USA in November of 2016, he may well be the best choice for this office.  This scenario has nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If a resolution is not found by November, we will elect a new President; if he accomplishes this mission, the existing Vice President could very well be elected by the people to the office of President of the USA and we would have a President with experience in “negotiating a workable compromise”.  If he does not accomplish this mission by the end of the year, he will at least have set us on a path to world peace.




Firstborns, Only Children and the Later Born Ver. 1.2.1

(Why Do First and Only Children, Always Get Voted the Most Likely to Succeed in Medicine, Science and Politics?)

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired


Copyright 2016



The firstborn and the only child have some common personality and skill packages that give them a good chance of being successful in medicine, science and politics.  The personality characteristics of the only child can somewhat be considered like those of a super firstborn.  A short inventory of doctors, scientists and politicians reveals a significant population of firstborn and only children.  Only children come in two varieties: natural only child and functional only child.  The basic premises are that the only child grew up in their family of origin without the benefit of younger siblings to interact with.  Firstborns also come in different varieties: firstborn, firstborn male, and firstborn female, along with those who had at least five years separating them from their siblings.  Several of the past presidents of the USA were functional only children as shown in the chart.

Notable Leaders with Similar Families of Origin

Person of Interest Sibling Status[i] Leadership Roles
Abraham Lincoln Lost younger sibling at early age.  A functional only child. President of USA during Civil War.
Theodore Roosevelt Lost younger brother at early age.  A functional only child. President of USA, leader of The Rough Riders at San Juwan Hill.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Raised by his mother and grandmother. A functionally only child. President of USA for four terms.  Strengthened the US infrastructure.
Thomas Edison[ii] An only child. Early American inventor extraordinaire.
J. Edgar Hoover[iii] Older siblings greater than ten years.  A functional only child. Head of the FBI for 50 years.



Bill Clinton Raised up alone as a functional only child. President of the USA.
Barack Obama Raised up alone as a functional only child. President of the USA.


Dr. James Dobson[iv] An only child. Head of Focus on the Family.
Teaching Pastor [v] An only child. Leader and teacher of a local church.

Adlerian Psychology is the study of birth order and its relationship to personality characteristics.  The foremost author in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century is Dr. Kevin Leman.[vi]  Below is his chart of firstborn personalities – the benefits and handicaps.

Traits of a Firstborn[vii]

Trait Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
Perfectionist Does everything well. Overly critical and dissatisfied with his own performance.
Driven Ambitious, headed for success. Always under great pressure.
Organized Able to stay on top of everything. No room in life for flexibility.
Scholarly Able to think problems through and solve them. Sometimes thinks too much; is overly serious.
List Maker Get things done; knows where he’s going. Boxes himself in; becomes a slave to his list.
Logical Avoids pitfalls of compulsive behavior. Knows he’s right even when he isn’t.
Leader Plays an important part in his family, community, etc. Expected to do too much; always leaned on by others.
Compliant Known as a good guy. Known as an easy mark.
Aggressive Gets ahead in life; others look up to him. Tends to be selfish and to disregard the feelings of others.


Traits of Only Children [viii] (Super Firstborns)

Trait Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
Uncompromising Gets what they want. Others do not get what they want.
Communication Style “I want” this and “I want” that. Others do not get what they want.
Controlling Must be in control of all situations. Others are left out of participating in the solutions.
Must be the leader Natural take charge leaders. Cannot follow some else’s lead.



In charge of their life Knows where they are going. Does not always know how to get where they want to go or accept nontraditional methods.
Trusts in Tradition Steady guiding force of the proven whether successful or not; trusts the existing paradigm. Not receptive to out-of-the-box thinking; will reject a new paradigm.
Non-Negotiator They get what they want. No experience in negotiating a “Workable Compromise” with another sibling.
Successful against all odds As their mother or grandmother said, “They can be anything they want to be.” Good examples of “The Peter Principle” (promoted above their capabilities).
“Most important person on the planet” High Self-Esteem. They hear this from birth until the death of their parents. They never grow out of this and continue to think they are the most important person on the planet.
Prefers being around mature adults Associates with the more wise, from experience, adults Misses out with having fun with their peers.



The largest difference between the Firstborn in the family and the Only-Child is their interaction and competition for their parent attention with their siblings.  The Firstborn with siblings is often put in charge of the younger siblings and develops leadership skills and a sensitivity to the feelings of their siblings.  They are often responsible for organizing the games they will play together and setting the rules of the games.  The Firstborns will develop a parental role towards their younger siblings looking after them and protecting them.  This will usually manifest itself in a “Tell Assertive” communicative style where they usually assert themselves by telling other what to do.   It’s little wonder that this family pecking order is reestablished in the workplace.  The Only-Child misses out on these interactions with siblings; this could be a natural or a functional Only-Child (one who lost their siblings early in life or was isolated from them in different ways) and comes into the workforce with a individualistic communication style (It’s all about me).

To meet the demands of their younger siblings, the Firstborn must learn the art of “negotiating workable compromises”, the Only-Child is not afforded this opportunity.  The Only-Child has no competition for their parent attention and is often made to think they are the most important person on the planet (which from their parents point of view they are the most important person on the planet).  The Firstborn has this position of being the most important person on the planet for a short period of time until the second child is born.  They get read to sleep at night and spend time alone with their parents for this short time, than the competition arrives and their exclusive access to their parents change and the amount of time the parents can focus on each child changes.  This can be shown experimentally by examining the forensic evidence in the family photo album.  There one can find many photos of the Firstborn alone, but the rest of the siblings are photographed with “The Gang” with the exception of the Lastborn who gets some individual attention from their parents when their siblings have left the nest.

The Middleborn

The middle kids usually develop good negotiating skills, they have had to establish “Their Space” between an older sibling and a younger sibling and keeping the peace between the older and younger sibling especially if all are the same sex.  This negotiating skill will manifest itself in an “Ask Assertive” communication style where they learn how to maintain control and the peace by asking questions to assert themselves over their siblings and coworkers.  They often find themselves in middle management positions keeping the peace between those running the organization, the firstborns, and the lastborn workers.   The middle-born child often tries to get through live without being noticed, they are just part of “The Gang” [ix]

The Lastborn

The Lastborn grows up with almost everything laid out for them by their older siblings and parents and they come into the workforce looking to be directed by others in the workforce.  They often want their own ‘Freedom’ but once on their own find it difficult to manage their affairs to keep them solvent.  They tend to be more sociable than their older siblings and an easy mark for being taken advantage of in adulthood. [x]   Probably from their social nature, the Sales Force seems to be disproportionately populated with the Lastborns in their family of origin, and comedians and philosophers are also well represented by the Lastborns (Anything to get out of doing real work).

Personal Experience in Adlerian Psychology

At a national science laboratory platform speakers club, I once had the podium in an impromptu speaking session.  The meeting was held in a large conference room holding over a dozen people.  I asked the members of this speakers club if they were the firstborns in their families of origin.  All the people in the room, except for me, raised their hand indicating they were the firstborns in their families.  I performed a similar experiment in a study group at a local church again with about a dozen members.  I asked how many men in this class had an older brother.  Ninety percent of the men raised their hands.  I then asked how many women in this class were the oldest in their family of origin, and found that eighty percent of the men with older brothers came to class with their firstborn wives!  At another church where I had previously been a member and knew several men in this church, I asked if they had an older brother. Their answers were “yes.” Even the young preacher had an older brother.  Does this mean that ninety percent of men who are involved with the mission of a church have an older brother?  I asked the young preacher if his older brother went into the field of science, he replied in the affirmative.  Does this writer have an older brother?  Yes.  He is ten years older; that would qualify this writer as a functional only child.  Is this writer involved with the mission of the church?  This is the same writer of the blog:

The Case of DNA

Does DNA play a role in our personality traits and skill packages?  In a recent program on PBS, the latest developments of DNA science were disclosed and revealed that our DNA changes with our experience, so as we learn new skills (and knowledge), our DNA changes to reflect these additions to our skill packages.  Therefore, when the parents, who are young and inexperienced, have their first children, the DNA passed down to these first children will be different than the DNA passed down to later children because the DNA of the parents have changed with their adult experiences.  All of the children in a family will then receive different skill packages from the same parents.


Why Do First and Only Children, Always Get Voted the Most Likely to Succeed in Medicine, Science and Politics?  Because of their innate knowledge from their parent’s DNA, the Environmental knowledge from their family of origin, getting praise for their academic achievements, being placed in leadership roles in their family of origin, firstborn’s develop skills of leadership, academic achievers, organizers and they pay close attention to the details.  Ditto the only-child but more intense, more controlling, very high level of self-esteem (They can be anything they want to be” (mom/grandmother).

This may explain the data showing that our sales force is composed mostly of lastborns, middle management is populated with Middleborns, and the younger of two brothers are involved with a church mission with their firstborn wife.




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[x] Luke 15:11-24

Change in the Commander-in-Chief of Our Armed Forces Ver. 1.2.0

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired
Copyright 2015

My personal experience with the President as the Commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces goes back to Lyndon B. Johnson and the Vietnam War. Since then and until this second decade of the twenty-first century, it is becoming obvious to some of us old timers that having the President serve as the sole Commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces (CCoAF) may have been a good idea to the Founding Fathers at the time of the founding of the United States of America (USA), but has outlived its usefulness in the changing world of this twenty-first century. i
At the formation of the USA, the President was elected by state representatives – not by the public – and therefore was isolated from public opinion. The states gave the vote to the public, and this put the President directly under the influence of public opinion which, in turn, is influenced by the news media.

There seems to be an agreement that the invasion of Iraq was the stupidest foreign policy the USA has enacted. This action has resulted in a minority religious group being disenfranchised from Iraq, their homeland, and resulted in the formation of ISIS to establish a place for them to call home on this planet.

Our CCoAF has chosen to activate our military forces against ISIS rather than negotiate a workable compromise with them and those in power in the region to establish a place they can call home on this planet. This has resulted in the USA deploying air attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Russians have responded with their own air support to Syria against ISIS. It now appears that ISIS has taken down a Russian civilian air carrier, resulting in the death of all 224 people on board this aircraft. ii Europe is being flooded with refugees from Syria who are trying to escape the carnage in their homeland. All these events are directly tied to the USA invasion of Iraq. “We may not like some of these people in charge of their country, but we need to leave them in power. It is no longer just the USA and the Russians with nuclear weapons; the world has changed.”iii

The USA represents the leadership of the Free World. When the USA employed air strikes against ISIS hard targets, ISIS responded with terror attacks on soft targets such a Paris concert halls, a busy restaurants, putting a bomb on an aircraft, etc. At the very core of these terror attacks is the inability to negotiate a workable compromise by our Commander-in-Chief. Has anyone asked the ISIS people what they want?

There are several causes of this lack of ability to negotiate a workable compromise; lack of training is at the top of the list. Some get exposure to negotiating compromises when they grow up with a close opposite sex sibling, but those who grow up without a sibling do not get any exposure to negotiating in their family of origin. Others with a same sex younger, close in age, sibling may, like the only child, grow accustomed to getting what they want.

The Ideal Military Action Committee

In this twenty-first century, the news media reports news and influences public opinion, and the public opinion influences the CCoAF to take action with our armed forces. This is an unacceptable arrangement for the use of force in foreign policy. The use of force will be met with an equal and opposite use of force. iv
The ideal committee for the CCoAF would be a committee of civilian, mature males (over fifty years of age) who could see the results and consequences of their actions and be removed from the influence of public opinion as the President was at the formation of the USA.

This would mean a totally independent committee like the Supreme Court or a Senate Committee. Members of the Senate Committee, as CCoAF, must have at least two remaining years in their term before re-election by the voting public. For the CCoAF committee to take action, there must be consensus agreed upon by the CCoAF. Action cannot be taken with a majority vote the CCoAF, but must be in consensus to take military action.


i Jay Davis, Former Associate Director LLNL, The Independent News Paper, 10/28/2015
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Lead from Power or Lead by Negotiating Ver. 1.0.1

The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

The laws of Physics and Politics

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” This is attributed to Winston Churchill, but originally to George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”i But perhaps Churchill’s best remark on the subject was this: “When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then might have affected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong–these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.” ii

Newton’s third law of motion states that, “When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.”iii Jack’s third law of politics states that, “For every use of power there will be an equal and opposite use of power”. iv

The Laws of Birth Order and the Only Child

The recent release of the documentary on on the USA Civil War by Ken Burns illustrated some very interested similarities in the leadership (President) during this time, of Civil War, in the 19th century, and the leadership (President) of our current time, in this 21st century involved with a conflict with ISIS.

Aside from both of them being tall skinny lawyers, neither had in their family of origin a sibling with whom they needed to negotiate a workable compromise. This seems to be a skill lacking in their respective skill packages. They both dealt with the situation at hand with the use of power, which was met with and equal and opposite use of power. Since they had no siblings to compete with, they got what they wanted uncontested and brought this style of getting what they wanted to the White House with them. Being the only offspring left in the family, or raised as an only offspring, they received a full load of confidence from their family and a “Can Do” spirit. They both knew they were right even if they were not. v

The Workable Compromise vs Power

The USA Civil War could have been avoided by negotiating a workable compromise with the dissenting states. The slave issue was a political football to put an international bent on the conflict to keep the English and French from supporting the Southern States. The nucleus of ISIS (Sunni Muslims) was dispossessed of their homeland by the USA puppet regime in Iraq (Shiite Muslims). A window of opportunity to negotiate a homeland for the disposed Sunni Muslims existed; instead, a use of power by the present administration was taken in an attempt to form a coalition to wipe ISIS from this Earth. This choice was met by an equal and opposite use of force by ISIS. This situation with ISIS could have been resolved through the use of a workable compromise. It seems that neither the leadership during the USA Civil war or the present administration was concerned with the human cost of getting what they wanted.

A New Election is Upon Us

The choice seems to be clear: Do we want to replace the present administration with a leader who is prone on solving issues with power, or do we want to replace the present administration with someone who has developed the skill of negotiating workable compromises. We are going to elect them to the post of Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces – the most powerful on the planet. The temptation to use power to solve our national and world crises will be tempting for this new President and pressure to use power from the Military-Industrial Complex as described by President Eisenhower. vi.

Birth order and the New President

We have historically elected several firstborn (in their families of origin) to the office of president: J. Adams, Madison, Monroe, Polk, Grant, Harding, Coolidge, Truman, L. B. Johnson, Carter, and G.W. Bush. We have elected several firstborn males: Jefferson, J. Q. Adams, Van Buren, Fillmore, Buchanan, Arthur and Wilson. We have elected a couple functional oldest males: G Washington, J.F. Kennedy. We have elected several functional only children: Jackson, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Hoover, F. D. Roosevelt, Ford, Clinton and Obama. The middle born is a natural negotiator.vii We have elected these middleborns to the presidency: Tyler, Taylor, Pierce, Cleveland, Harrison, B. Harrison, McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower and G H.W. Bush. The lastborn bring their special skill package to the office of president; we have elected these lastborns to this office: W. H. Harrison, A. Johnson, Hayes, Garfield and Reagan. viii

What personality and skill package to we want to move us in a positive direction and resolve conflict with negotiating skills rather than power? This skill package will depend mostly on the skills they learned in their family of origin. The natural negotiators are the middle born children, especially those with close older and younger same sex siblings, fewer than five years difference in ages. More than five years difference in ages would result in a functional firstborn, which is not a carbon copy of a firstborn as they were raised with more experienced parents. Who are the options for a good negotiator for the presidency? D. Trump is a middle born but also a functional firstborn, but has he developed negotiating skills? Carly Fiorina is a middle born who seems to have developed negotiating skills. Jeb Bush is a middle born with enough distance from his older brother to be a functional firstborn, but does he have a track record of negotiating workable compromises as the Governor of Florida? H. Clinton is a firstborn, but has she developed negotiating skills as the Secretary of State? Chris Christie is a firstborn and former prosecutor, but is he a negotiator or power seeker? Jim Gilmore, birth order unknown, is a former governor; what is his track record – power or negotiator? John Kasich, birth order unknown, is a governor; what is his track record – power or negotiator? Bobby Jindal, birth order unknown, is a governor; what is his track record – power or negotiator? Lindsey Graham, birth order unknown, is a hawk on foreign affairs and a probable user of power. George Pataki, birth order unknown, is a governor; what is his track record – power or negotiator? Rick Santorum, birth order unknown, is a former senator; what is his track record – power or negotiator? Mike Huckabee, birth order unknown, is a former governor and ordained preacher, and could be a liability in dealing with ISIS which is a Muslim movement. What is his track record – power or negotiator? Ben Carson is the younger of two brothers, which puts him as a last born with special circumstances; he was raised by his mother as an equal firstborn. He would be a mix of a natural firstborn leader and lastborn innovator. What would be his style in solving national problems? Would he use power or negotiate? Marco Rubio’s rhetoric is that of a firstborn; as a state politician, he should have developed some skill in negotiating workable compromises. Is he prone to use power or negotiations to solve national problems? Rand Paul has the demeanor and skills of a firstborn and an experienced politician, but has he learned the skill of negotiating workable compromises or does he prefer power and getting what he wants? As for Ted Cruz, God seems to give the loudest voices to those least likely to put it to good use. His birth order is unknown, but he does not come across as a firstborn. He looks to be hawkist and prone to use of power vs negotiating. Does he have a track record that could predict his future use of power or negotiating? Joe Biden’s demeanor indicates he is the younger of two brothers, as he seems to be very social, which is a characteristic of lastborns. This characteristic could prove useful in international affairs. This, along with his position as a senior citizen, should help him garner respect in the world’s view. He seems more prone to negotiating than the use of power. How does he fit in with the use of power to solve international problems by his president? Lawrence Lessig has that firstborn look about him and seems more concerned with national structure than international affairs; he does not look like a hawk and has no demonstrable preference to the use of power or negotiations. Jim Webb has the firstborn look but looks to seek alternatives to military action. Lincoln Chafee has that firstborn natural leadership look with much experience in the political arena and looks to use other than military means to accomplish USA goals. He does not have much of a fan base. Martin O’Malley, birth order unknown, is a former governor and mayor, so he should have a track record of the use of force or the use of negotiations to solve political issues. Bernie Sanders has that firstborn demeanor a natural leader and with both House and Senate experience, he should have developed the skill of negotiating workable compromises. What is his track record? Does he get what he wants or does he negotiate a compromise? Elizabeth Warren has that firstborn drive from Oklahoma to Harvard Law School to Senator. She is a complete unknown as to her skill in negotiating workable compromises and at this point is not in the running for president. ix

Our Choice of President

The choice is clear. Do we want a hawk or a dove? Do we want the use of power or the use of negotiating workable compromises? More information is clearly needed about these candidates. Can past performance indicate future performance? Can birth order give us a heads up on future performance and the use of power or negotiating?


ii Ibid, House of Commons, 2 May 1935, after the Stresa Conference, in which Britain, France and Italy agreed—futilely—to maintain the independence of Austria/
v Dr. Kevin Leman, “the First Born Advantage”, Revell, 2008, p69

We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, It starts with “P” and that stands for the Peter Principle Ver. 1.0.1
The Philosopher

The Peter Principle:

“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence … in time every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties … Work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence.”i This principle was published in 1968 by Lawrence Johnston Peter and received much acclaim.

In this time period the makeup of the workforce of the USA was much different, the technical workforce was male dominated. In this early twenty-first century women have entered the workforce almost in an equal proportion to the men. Women are graduating from college in technical fields and moving up in the management hierarchy. These two income families have caused quite a disturbance in the economics of the USA. The basic economic theory is that the “price of a commodity” will be determined by “supply and demand”. With two income families the demand for bigger and better housing has increased. As the demand for more housing increases the sale prices increase. Single income families are now having difficulty competing with the two income families for housing. Urban areas are now constantly trying to force the building of “Affordable Housing” for the single income households. To compete with the two income households more untrained workers are entering the workforce, when a mother has her kids in a position where she can contribute to the family income they enter the workforce often in customer relations. This phenomenon has now expanded the definition of the Peter Principle to the entry level of employment.

With all these new ‘non-decision makers’ in customer relations getting something more complicated than routine accomplished can be a difficult, frustrating and time-consuming process, often involving appeals to the ‘decision making’ level of management. It’s the time-consuming part that is of interest to economist because this is an inefficiency that increases ‘the cost of doing businesses which in-turn lowers the national economic operating efficiency which in-turn increases our national debt because we are spending more time and money than necessary to operate this nation.

When some the better educated (classroom educated with degrees) get themselves promoted to positions of responsibility the situation can become quite sever. Personalities weigh into this process. In the family circus, the Firstborns and especially only children are usually the academic achievers in the family. They are also the perfectionists and they pay close attention to the details and are very organized, sometimes beyond all reasonable expectations. Therefore, they become naturals for being “In Charge”, the “Leader of the Pack”, The “King of the Mountain”, etc. They have the power to demand that their perfection, detailed, organized personality characteristic is met by the organization to which they are “In Charge”! This could be termed “The Peter Principle of overeducating”. Some of these personalities have been overeducated until they are above their capabilities of running a cost effective or even goal effective organization. “Control” is a big part of their personality and especially from only children in the sibling less families we hear the words “I Want”, “I don’t want” and “look what I have accomplished by myself”. Getting anything accomplished, in an organization run by one of these personalities, can be difficult and certainly not cost effective.

The same is true for the other end of the family circus, the lastborn. Lastborns are usually defined as having a same sex older sibling within five years of age. They are not well known for their leadership skills, but more for their creativity and having fun. They often think they can talk themselves out of any situation and can talk others into any situation. Is it any wonder our salesforce is predominately made up of lastborn adult children; they hardly ever grow out of the fun of having fun and they think they can talk anybody into buying anything? When one of these lastborns gets themselves overeducated and “In Charge” it could be a rough ride for those who have to work with them and since having fun and not being able to balance a budget, (budget? What’s that?). The expense account should have a constant audit by one of those “Only Children” who can balance a budget and bring organization to the organization.

Who then are the “Perfect Leaders”:

From the family circus there is a disappearing category called the “Middleborns”. Families are getting smaller, it’s hard to get a bunch of kids through college these days and college has become important in our society, so “Middleborns” are a somewhat disappearing breed. But, the personality characteristics that standout for the “Middleborns” is their ability to negotiate a “Workable Compromise” just what is needed to move an organization forward to meet the organizations goals with cost effectiveness. The “Middleborns” will strive to keep peace in the organization for this is their natural operating mode being squeezed between a same sex old sibling and a same sex younger sibling all within five years age of each other. In this situation, they learned how to negotiate for their space and this skill can be applied to an organization as well, usually as a “Middle Manager”ii

This leaves us to an obvious solution:

the Firstborns, only children and lastborns just need to learn how to negotiate a “Workable Compromise” and their organizations will operate with cost and objective effectiveness. And we will have eliminated “The Peter Principle” from our vocabulary when it comes to leading an organization. And also if the customer service representatives learn how to negotiate and are authorized to negotiate a “Workable Compromise” “The Peter Principle” can be eliminated where the organization meets the public. The whole key to improving the cost effectiveness and the objective effectiveness in an organization is to negotiate a “Workable Compromise”.



Our nation’s ability to compete in the international market place with our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) can depend significantly on the “Birth-Order” makeup of the different nations which we are competing.   Since the “Only Children” usually find themselves at the top of the pecking order, running the operation, a close look at the characteristics of our main economic competitor, China, might prove very interesting.  China has a “One Child Only” policy in place to control their population growth.   With all these “Self-Starters”, “Achievers” in their population, China could prove to be a very strong GDP competitor.  Also, in one of Dr. Kevin Leman’s books on choosing personal partners, he notes that the worst choice for a partner of an “Only Child” is another “Only Child”.  It will be interesting to see how China handles this situation.  We could have a “Real Can of Worms” to deal with, as China is our main economic competitor and main holder of our national debt.  “There are two ways to enslave a nation, war and Debt” John Adams, 2nd President of the USA.   

In the USA the “Middle Born Child” is become extinct.    We are becoming a nation of “Book Ends” First Born Child-Second Born Child, if Male-Female or First Born-Last Born, if Male-Male or Female-Female.  The primary attribute of the “Middle Born Child” is “Peacemaker and Negotiator”.  With our “Peacemakers and Negotiators” becoming extinct, who will be our Peacemakers and Negotiators, certain not the “Achieving First born” or the “Fun-Loving Last Born”?   Who will be our “Middle Managers” the position that our “Middle Born Children” excel? “We got trouble, trouble, trouble, Right here in the USA; it starts with B and stands for “Birth-Order”.

Reference: Dr. Kevin Leman Biography: Dr. Kevin Leman, an internationally known psychologist, radio and television personality, and speaker, has taught and entertained audiences worldwide with his wit and commonsense psychology. The best-selling and award-winning author has made house calls for hundreds of radio and television programs, including “The View” with Barbara Walters, “The Today Show,” “Oprah,” CBS’s “The Early Show,” “Live with Regis Philbin,” CNN’s “American Morning,” and “LIFE Today” with James Robison, and he has served as a contributing family psychologist to “Good Morning America.” He is the founder and president of Couples of Promise, an organization designed and committed to helping couples remain happily married. Dr. Leman is also a charter faculty member of He has written over 30 best-selling books about marriage and family issues, including “The Birth Order Book” and “Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.” Dr. Leman and his wife, Sande, live in Tucson. They have five children.