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We got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, it starts with “L” and that stands for “Labeling” Ver. 1.0.0
The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

Labeling a group of people to dehumanize them is the first step in justifying their demise from this earth. The Label of the day seems to be “Terrorist”. But a “Terrorist” is a group of people that covertly attack a country, military or civilians without warning and their movies are to bring down a government that has become a giant and is in control of the rest of the world. During WWII we called them “Special Ops” (Operation). Is this new movement “ISIS or ISIL” “Islamic State of this or that” a “Terrorist” organization or are they idealist invaders wanting to set up their own country for their own brand of religion. A motive the Americans should be familiar as the USA was formed to provide the Protestant Christians their own county free from the power of the existing paradigm in religion in Europe.

The USA still celebrates “Thanksgiving” a feast of our early settlers with the “Natives” who were living in this new country where the Americans wanted to establish their own brand of “Freedom of Religion”. These new settlers in this new nation were lucky there was not a strong world power that thought they were the controllers of the world or the USA would never have been born. The USA was lucky in that it did have strong foreign powers that supported them who could benefit from this new settlement in America.

Did the citizens of this new country, the USA, become “Terrorists” when they ran into opposition from the existing residents of this country? Or did they label the existing residents as “Savages” (non-Christians) and remove them from this planet. We should check with some of our “Native Americans” and see what their opinion might be if the new settlers were “Terrorist” or not. Maybe even check with survivors of some of the settlors better known massacres’ like “Wounded Knee” to see if the USA were “Terrorists”.

“Democracy is the worst from of government, except for all the rest”, Winston Churchill. An even worse form of government is a Democracy that has a “News Media” driving public opinion that drives our President with “Dictatorial Powers” over our military. Military action to mitigate what the “News Media” has determined is a crisis that needs the attention of the Military from this “Democratic Society”, “Nonviolent Society” the USA. Then our President, driven by “Public Opinion” created by the “News Media”, seeks the power given to our Congress to declare War on the people we have labeled “Terrorist” who maybe, are just invaders wanting to set up their own country for their own brand of religion.
This Philosopher is old enough to remember the beginning of the Vietnam War, where the USA was only sending in “Military Advisors” to South Vietnam a country with a crisis, a movement from North Vietnam to unite their country into one of their own brand of idealism. This philosopher was in a group in the South Pacific who had responsible for sending our “Fallen” back to the USA for their families to bury. The USA was in that war for over a decade and the number of “Fallen” that were sent back to the USA to be buried by their families was over 55,000. “If we cannot remember history, we will be bound to repeat it”.

Is the USA now on the threshold of another involvement in a groups “Ideology”? Are we putting the proper label on this new movement to de-humanize them to justify their removal from this Earth? This Philosopher thinks the USA needs to look back at its own development and expansion and labeling process to remove the natives from the land they call their own with their “New Ideology” Christianity “a nonviolent religion”.

The Apostle Paul, a Pillar in this “New Ideology” (Christianity) clearly stated that followers of “Christ” would not use military means to wage war to fight, but would use words, arguments and divine power to defeat competing idealisms. If the “News Media” thinks that we need to address a “New Crises” in the world, a new idealism replacing an existing idealism, we should look to our own idealism to address the issue with words, augments and divine power rather than military might.

Unfortunately the Apostle Paul in his efforts to explain the “Gospel” to the world only had half of the information he needed. Paul had firsthand experience with Jesus and only had secondhand knowledge of the “Personal Counselor” that Jesus had sent us to guide each of us through this life. Paul had secondhand knowledge from individuals who themselves did not fully understand what had been given to them with this new “Personal Counselor”. Thus Paul’s theology developed around using Jesus as an example to follow and created standards for the new followers of the Gospel to live by. This does not seem to be in alignment with what Jesus wanted for the world, he wanted his “Personal Counselor” to guide each of us though this life. It does seem the idealism of the USA is due for a Major Tune-up.

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