We Got Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Right here in the USA, it Starts with SCS and that Stands for Social Class Structure Ver. 1.1.0

    September 3, 2014 

      The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter, Retired

      This post is about finding harmony in your own personal social class.  Developing close relationships outside of your own social class can result in disharmony, not something one would want to live with on a daily basis.  

      There seems to have developed five “Social Class Structures” within our national boundaries: “No College Education”, “First Generation College Educated”, and “Second-Third etc. Generation College Educated”, “In Gods Kingdom”, “Out of Gods Kingdom”.  The effects on our nation of these five “Class Structures” are profound.  When looking for a life partner “Sole mate” its important to find a partner that is in the same social class as you for the following reasons: Both parties grew up and were raised in similar situation and those experiences will be in common to both parties; both parties parents are of the same social class thus can relate to their in-laws as well; mixing social classes is going to cause some friction in a partnership somewhere along the path of life, a situation no partnership should have to address.  To meet someone in your own social class you will need to place yourself in an environment where others of your social class gather.  This could be as simple as choosing the “right college” or attending functions that your social class attends. 

      There are two Blogs, on the Web, are of interest to anyone interested in national issues: https://thephilosopheronpolitics.wordpress.com/   and http://anewparadigminchristianthinking.wordpress.com/ .  They both will be referenced in this Post. 

      The information for this post is from an analysis of this Philosophers family of origin and his experience with different Social Class structures in his personal adventure through life.  

      Who is this Philosopher and Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter behind these two earth shaking Blogs” and where did those “Troubleshooting Skills” Come from?  In short his Parents; his Father was a graduate of the University of Chicago and his mother a graduate of a girl’s college in Milwaukee when less than three percent of the women in this county had even seen a college campus. His mother had received an award from her high school for reading every book in the school library; she never went to bed without reading a book. Are these skills passed down through our DNA?  Take a look at public figures like politicians, actors, musicians and singers. Proverbs that have been around for centuries: “Like Father like Son”, “The Chips don’t Fall far from the Stump” “Generals are not made, they are born” General George Patton, indicate there is a transfer of skills from one generation to the next. 

       In the early forties, it was considered more important for a “Male” to go to college than “Females”.  Females went to college to marry a “College Man”.  This philosopher had five older sisters, and two older brothers, three sisters were in out-of-state college at the time of his birth and lost their college funding due to the financial strain of the new addition to the family, however,  they all were in college long enough to marry PhD’s.  The other two sisters did not receive a “College Offer” from the family and married below their Social Middle Class standing resulting in a mismatch of “Social Class” resulting in not too pleasant or successful relationships, this Philosopher has experienced these same phenomena of marrying below his “Social Class” with unsuccessful results.  

      This Philosopher’s Father served in WWI as a Veterinarian, his oldest brother in WWII, and older brother on the USS Enterprise as a Radio Operator and went to college on the GI Bill.  When his Father died in his last semester in high school, his older sister, now influential in family affairs, decided he was not smart enough to go to college, despite his science teacher’s lobbying for him to study Physics, good grades in math and science did not hold up against the other subjects.  His then oldest nearest sister stated “You were lucky to graduate from high school; you will never make it in college”.  He received an offer to go west and work in a saw mill in Oregon; this was the only offer on the table from his “Family”.   All of these “Social Middle Class” children, from his family of origin, should have been sent off to college so they could meet a partner in the same social class in which they were raised.  It is very difficult to meet someone in your Middle Class in a country saturated with Lower Class citizens. 

      This situation is changing as we send more and more of our children to college.  It now becomes important to send the kids to a college where they can meet a partner in their same social class; First Generation College Students to First generation colleges and second and third etc. generation college students to colleges that promote this class of student.  

       “The Draft” was still in effect when this Philosopher graduated from high school and this Philosopher ended up supporting the war effort in the South Pacific as a “Jet Engine Mechanic” in the USAF.  At twenty-two years of age he had earned the reputation as “The Top Gun Jet Engine Troubleshooter”, on the Flight Line of this Material Air Transport Command, that sent in helicopters and caskets into Vietnam, the helicopters were left in Vietnam and the caskets were filled with the “The Fallen” and we sent then back to their families in the states about fifty-thousands of “The Fallen” from the Vietnam war.  Where did this “Visualization Skill” that made him “The Top gun Jet Engine Troubleshooter” come from, why was he the only one who had this skill? This “Visualization Skill” had to be passed down from his Veterinarian Father. 

       Having completed his military service with an “Honorable Discharge” he followed his older brother’s example and attended an Engineering Technical School in and studied “Mechanical Engineering Technology, Metallurgy and Physics, supported by the GI Bill.  Graduating in the top ten percent of his class he received an offer from the then Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) one of two Weapons Labs managed by The University of California. LLNL then became the Top National Lab extending its capabilities into Energy, Antiterrorist, Biomedical, Transportation and many more areas of expertise. 


      At LLNL this philosopher, again, gained the reputation as “The Top Gun National Crises Troubleshooter” solving National Crises issues on major government projects related to Physics and Engineering under the Departments of Energy and Defense again by using the “Visualization Skill” he inherited from his father.

       After about ten years of service to UC one of his highly educated (PhD’s), with people skills, observed that this Not-Yet Philosopher’s skill package was just like Plato and Aristotle’s and should consider reading their works.  He thought at the time that these two giant Philosophers would be way above his ability to understand them.  But after another decade he acted on this suggestion and studied Philosophy.  Was this Not-Yet Philosopher already a Philosopher before ever reading a book on Philosophy, probably so, an inherited skill, probably so.

       After twenty-nine years in this activity there was an “Industrial Incident” involving “Toxic Fumes”.  This exposure resulted in a loss of his “Visualization Skills” and “Short-Term Memory Function”.   This resulted in this Philosopher leaving the workplace on a disability and retirement and a decade of therapy.   This Philosopher had set aside his banjo and guitar during this decade of therapy, until an incident involving an Arizona politician who took an assassins bullet to the head.   She was receiving “Music Therapy” from a guitar and making progress.  This Philosopher followed her lead and again began playing his banjo and guitar, and he started regaining what he had lost, his “Mental Visualization Skills” and his “Short-Term Memory Function”.   

       Thus he decided to continue applying his “Troubleshooting Skills” to National Crises Issues, hence the two Blogs on Politics and Religion. ‘Religion”, because “Religion” was one of the main issue that caused the destruction of his own family of four plus the dog in addition to the mixed Social Class, Middle and working class and our main enemy that is killing our citizens is very religious. Certainly we have, out of good intentions, added so much onto the original objective of the messenger, that visited this planet two thousand years ago, that the emphasis is now more on the messenger than on the message of the messenger. 

       CLASS STRUCTURE is really based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.   John F. Kennedy said “Ask not what you can do for yourself; ask what you can do for your country”   This was easy for JFK to say, he was brought up in a family at the top on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, JFK’s whole family was concerned about “Country”, because all their basic needs in life were already fulfilled (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow’s_hierarchy_of_needs) .   This Philosopher has noticed that “First Generation College Graduates” seem still concerned about meeting their own needs rather than that of the “Country”.   It’s hard to change how we were brought up by our parents, were they concerned about meeting their “Everyday Needs” or were their “Everyday Needs” already met?   If one is still concerned about meeting their “Everyday Needs” their focus is going to be on themselves.  If their “Everyday Needs” are already met, they can focus on the “Country”. 

      How is it determined that someone’s “Everyday Needs” have been met?   At this point this Philosopher think it best to refer to the Blog: http://anewparadigminchristianthinking.wordpress.com/ as one’s “Everyday Needs” can be met by connecting with our “Father in Heaven” who will supply all our “Everyday Needs”.  There are two additional class structures in the world in addition to Upper Class, Middle Class and Working Class which correlate with college education: these are those under “The Kingdom of God” and those outside “The Kingdom of God”.   Thus it is not just a financial requirement to have our “Everyday Needs” met, but by one’s own belief system. 

      What is the result of a marriage between Middle and Working classes?  One is concerned about “Them” and the other is concerned about “Country” or “World”.   The checkbook is going to be an issue of concern as each will be supporting a different “Cause”.     This economic conflict could easily affect all of their “Interpersonal Relations”.  This applies also to first generation college graduates and second or third generation college graduates as their value systems will be different.